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Gabriel gritted his teeth feeling tons of pain bursting all over his body. He slowly opened his eyes only to come face to face with the dark ceiling. He blinked a few times before looking around him.

"Fuck!" He cursed under his breath feeling a sharp pain in his stomach. He stayed laying on the small bed remembering everything that happened before he lost consciousness.

A fight with Ezekiel. Being thrown off the bridge and then being stabbed by a sharp rock. He wasn't expecting to find himself laying on someone's bed and also being dressed up after waking up. It was obvious that Ezekiel did try to end him but he forgot the fact that killing a werewolf is not that easy. Especially when the werewolf is a hybrid.

Gabriel was a blood of a witch and a werewolf that's why he had witch's powers as well. He could heal himself but right now he was more surprised by the fact that someone tried to help him.

He held the blanket that was covering him and pulled it near his nose. He sniffed the material wanting to find any unpleasant aura but no. He was left more surprised after sniffing a light smell of a human.

Damn! He's in a human area. Hopefully, they don't know about him otherwise he had to kill them even though they have saved him but at the end of the day, he couldn't let anyone know his real identity. Werewolves' world needs to stay hidden.

He grunted slightly before removing the blanket from his body. He looked down at his body and this time he wasn't surprised to see the clothes he was wearing didn't fit him. It was natural. Humans are tinier and weaker than werewolves.

He touched his stomach pulling the shirt up to see his injured flesh but instead, he saw a soft bandage wrapped around the wound. He blinked a few times before sighing. That human must have treated him.

He chuckled shaking his head. These medicines will never heal him. His body will heal on its own with time. Or only the herbal medicines of his world can heal his wounds. But these humans should stay unaware of this fact.

He stood up on his feet looking around the tiny hut-like house. It wasn't even wider than his bathroom. Keeping one hand over his aching stomach he walked towards the exit door only for it to be opened by someone else.

"Ugh!" He groaned when something small came crashing against him making the pain in his stomach shoot up.

"Oh my God! Are you alright? I am sorry I didn't know you woke up." He heard a feminine panicked voice. Opening his sharp grey eyes he let them meet with her wide blue ones.

Such a short girl! He thought as he watched her from head to toe. Her eyes were clearer than an ocean, her light brown hair was tied up in a messy bun. His eyes raked down her body finding her in an old-styled slightly dirty dress.

He straightened his body before narrowing his eyes at her. Even though the girl looked far from being evil but his trust issues weren't helping him. He took a step closer to her making her step back resulting in her stepping out of the hut.

"Who are you?" She gulped hearing his deep voice for the first time. It sounded heavier as he was just woken up. But still, it didn't help her fear.

She again took a step back making Gabriel step forward. "I-I found you in the valley. Y-You were dying I and my brother saved you." She finally let out taking another step back and this time he didn't step near her instead stayed silent standing on the spot.

He stared at her in silence trying to observe her which successfully made her uncomfortable under his intense judging gaze. Soon their awkward situation got interrupted by an unfamiliar manly voice.

"Oh! You finally woke up." Kai stepped beside uncomfortable Fleur looking up at the giant man.

"Your wounds haven't healed fully yet you should rest. I bought food for us." He said showing the plastic bag in his hand.

Gabriel stared at him with his calculative eyes for some time before looking away. He closed his eyes trying to mind link his general but of no use. He again tried to mind link his first in command but the result was the same.

"Fucking hell!" He mumbled under his breath opening his eyes.

Kai and Fleur observed him doing weird stuff in silence. They exchanged a confused gaze before Kai finally decided to interrupt him. He cleared his throat earning Gabriel's attention.

"Should we go inside?" Gabriel knew he had no other option but to seek help from these humans till he would be enough healed to mind link his general.

He sighed nodding his head. They all entered the house and Gabriel once again sat up on that small bed. His eyes fell on the old man who entered the house as well giving the giant man a small smile.

"So you woke up. How are you feeling now?" The old man questioned coughing in the process. Gabriel noticed how the pale girl he met before ran towards the old man and took a seat beside him rubbing his back.

"Uncle here take your medicines. You never take them without I reminding you." The old man smiled at her.

"What can this old man do my daughter? I have really less time left anyways it doesn't matter if I take these medicines or not." Fleur looked at him with an upset gaze making him pat her head.

"Father, how many times do we have to tell you this to not say such words?" Kai said entering the room and placing the table in front of Gabriel who was silently watching everything.

He watched the young man placing the plates on the table and the food he brought. It wasn't much just vegetable rice and beans curry. He placed a glass of water beside Gabriel's plate. He wouldn't deny what he heard about humans was wrong. They were extremely hospitable when it comes to treating their guests, not unlike the stories he used to hear about selfish humans.

They gave him more food and he could see why. He was bulky and they must have thought that this little food wouldn't do him any good. And they weren't wrong Gabriel was used to eating several bowls of rice and two full courses of chicken. It was in werewolves nature.

"I am sure you must be used to eating a lot but I could afford only this much." Gabriel keeping his cold face at bay simply nodded his head.

He started eating the food as well. Kai looked at him for a second munching on his rice. "What's your name?" Gabriel looked at him before thinking about what to answer him.

"Carter." He replied in a monotone. He couldn't take a risk by revealing his real name to him so he simply decided to tell them his wolf's name.

Even his wolf was highly injured that's why he couldn't make him run away from this place yet. He needed these people and this place to heal a little. After that, he will make sure to reward them for taking care of him.

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