Roman Rogue's Innocent Slave chapitre Chapitre 2

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Fleur's eyes widened in shock when she found familiar scary grey eyes staring at her. She unconsciously stumbled back as she tried taking a few steps back. But in doing so she lost her balance and was about to fall on her back in the water.

She closed shut her eyes waiting for the water to submerge her but instead she felt a strong bulky arm being wrapped around her tiny waist pulling her back forward. Her wet chest slightly brushed against his bare ones.

She snapped her eyes open meeting with his hazy ones. Something about his eyes tonight was different. He never looked at her in that way before. For the past week he has been living with them, he kept a reasonable distance between them but today seeing him this much closer to her made her nervous.

Her hands unconsciously were holding his bare shoulders to save herself from falling. Gabriel's eyes flickered watching the water drops dripping down her cheeks to her lips. He gulped at the sight.

He wouldn't deny she was beautiful. Her blue ocean eyes always leave him speechless as to how much different gaze she had. The women he used to have around him were all smitten by him. Not even a single woman he wanted in his kingdom refused him as all of them wanted nothing but to spend a few seconds with him.

But this woman. He could see she admires him as well. But she never tried to dot on him. She always kept a respectful distance between them and kept her gaze lower. She always kept their conversation as short as possible.

At first, he thought that all human girls might be like this. But his misconception got wiped away when he met one of the farmer girls who openly tried to seduce him when he went to help Fleur in the farmhouse.

He was reminded of all the female wolves of his kingdom who used to use the same tactics to seduce him. But there was something different in him this time. He didn't get seduced by that human girl even though she wasn't that bad. One glance of Fleur was enough for his attention to completely divert to her.

"Uhmm I-I didn't know you will come too. I-I should go." She stammered as she tried to step away from him but instead his grip tightened over her waist making her look in his eyes.

He didn't say anything only jerked her almost naked body against his making her dig her dainty nails in his flesh in anticipation. The look in his eyes made her anxious. He didn't look like his usual self.

"C-Carter." She whispered making him gulp down.

"Fleur." He whispered her name back accelerating her breathing. She felt her heart beating like a maniac at how close he was to her right now.

She felt him raising his other hand to her face as he softly removed the damped strands of her hair from her face making her breathe out shakily. He licked his lips before leaning closer to her.

"You're so damn beautiful!" He rasped out making her lips tremble in anxiety.

Why does she affect him so much? No woman has this much power over him before then what's with this small girl? His eyes glared at her beautiful trembling petals.

Even though he knew well to mind his boundaries but in her matter, he always forgets such limits. Don't know why? Losing his mind he started leaning to her lips after he saw the obvious need in her eyes for him as well.

He had no idea why but something against his chest jumped up in excitement when he realized the fire that was burning in his body wasn't just one-sided. She was affected by him as well.

Just when his lips brushed against her wet ones. He closed his eyes to attack her soft petals when. "FLEUR WHERE ARE YOU?"

And just like that Fleur jerked away from him getting out of his arms. In all of his desire, Gabriel had loosened his grip over her as well and it was easier for Fleur to get him off her.

Her wide stunned eyes glanced at him before she abruptly grabbed her towel and ran towards the side of her house with Gabriel's disappointed look following her figure. He looked down at the water before grabbing the bucket and filling the water. He dumped the water over his head trying to ease up the desire his body was burning in.

He closed his eyes and right after a second her beautiful ocean eyes flashed before his memory. Her beautiful lips, soft cheeks, and clear flesh made him gulp down. Something about her submission was different.

Every woman he was with before was submissive in front of him. He was naturally born with a dominant scary aura that made female wolves drawn to him even more. But the way Fleur submitted to him a while ago was different.

The feeling he felt at that time was different. It was like he didn't feel powerful, instead, he felt satisfied, happy, and delighted. Her submission wasn't forced, greedy, or have any motive. It was pure. And full of need.

The women who roamed around him always had different kinds of motives. And he knew Fleur had none. She doesn't even know that the man she thought was a homeless injured person was in reality a powerful rogue. A king.

He closed his eyes before washing himself but her thoughts didn't for once disappeared from his mind. Even after laying on the bed. The same bed where she used to sleep he snuggled deeply in the worn-out mattress wanting her scent to engulf his nostrils and he was indeed successful. And finally, a peaceful sleep embraced his senses.

While on the other hand, Fleur stared at her face in the mirror. She slowly raised her fingers and touched her lips remembering how his rough thin lips brushed against hers. Unconsciously a small smile appeared on her lips.

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