Roman Rogue's Innocent Slave chapitre Chapitre 4

Author Pov

Fleur threw her arms around Kai's neck crying bitterly while Kai cried silently. He closed his eyes caressing Fleur's head softly as she cried loudly burying her face in his crook.

"Fleur calm down! If you keep on crying like this you will get sick." He said caressing her hair but she only cried and cried at the loss both were suffering.

It had been two days since Gabriel left and last night her Uncle's condition became extremely bad and at last, he lost his life. They buried him and Kai came back after burying his father only for Fleur to hug him and cry her heart out.

After some time they both calmed down and tried their best to accept the reality that their father figure wasn't with them anymore. Fleur felt another tear trailing down her eyes as she turned the stove off grabbing two cups and filling them with the tea she made.

Grabbing the cups she walked out finding Kai sitting on the chair staring at his father's bed with sad bloodshot eyes. She sighed approaching him and making him flinch out of his trance. He smiled weakly at her grabbing the cup.

Silence took over the place as they made stayed sitting on the chairs thinking about only one person that they lost. Fleur's jaw trembled as she again burst out crying placing the cup on the floor. She palmed her face making Kai stare at her with weak sad eyes.

"I know it's hard to accept this. But we have to. We can't change the reality." She nodded wiping her eyes.

" I met Ken today." She looked up at him with her swollen red eyes.

"He was asking about the marriage." She frowned in disbelief.

"How can he? We just lost our father. I can't even think about marrying him right now." Kai sighed looking up at her.

"I told him the same thing but he said he wants to talk to you about this first. So I asked him to come tomorrow. You guys talk it out. After all, it's your marriage the decision should be of yours and his." She nodded her head looking away.

The silence once again took over the place. Kai stood up from the chair and grabbed the cup he walked out of the house wanting to have some fresh air. Fleur didn't stop him as well as she knew he needed to be alone. That man was no less than a father to Fleur but to Kai, he was his everything. After losing his mother, he lost his father in the same way.

Kai walked out near the valley that has a river attached to it. He stared at the water with a sad gaze letting the air hit his face. Slowly the memories of his parents started playing in his mind. Sighing out he took a sip of the tea before he looked up.

The cup in his hand fell on the floor on its own as soon as his eyes met unfamiliar ones that were glowing in the dark. His breathing accelerated watching the scene in front of him. It wasn't a human he was sure of it.

He took several steps back only to stumble over the rock and fall on the grass. He winced closing his eyes for a second before snapping them up and looking at the place he witnessed a weird creature. But left stunned to see nothing.

His frown deepen and all the fear he felt disappeared when he found no one there. He stood up straightening his posture to see anyone there but nothing. Blinking his eyes multiple he sighed heavily.

"Maybe I was just having a hallucination." Mumbling to himself he shook his head and walked towards the cup that he dropped in shock.

Thankfully the cup didn't break as it fell on the grass ground but the tea got wasted. He took the cup and sparing a suspicious glance at the place where he saw the creature, he shook his head and went back to the house.

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