Roman Rogue's Innocent Slave chapitre Chapitre 6

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Gabriel moved the sharper over his sword sitting on the sofa of his chamber. He was wearing a loose Black shirt slightly revealing his chest. While his legs were covered with tight black pants along with his feet which were hidden in long boots reaching his ankles.

Soon the door of his chamber opened revealing his general who kneeled before him with respect before again standing up on his feet. Gabriel stayed oblivious of his presence and kept his attention fixed on his sword.

"My Lord, our army is ready we are heading to the village. I wanted to ask you." General licked his lips gulping down. He has never even bait his eyes complying with the king's order before. But today he just couldn't get himself to do as the king was asking him to.

"Do you really want me to kill everyone?" Gabriel's lips curved up into an evil smirk as he didn't look in his way but instead threw a question in return.

"Why? Do you want me to spare Kai?" General's eyes flickered in surprise hearing his words. Gabriel finally placed the sword sharper on the table beside him looking at Victor.

"You think I don't know where you have been the night before the celebration? You have been going to that village often." General looked away feeling awkward.

"I saw the way your eyes were stuck on Kai that day. What is he? Your mate." Victor chuckled at his words shaking his head.

"You know my Lord I can never have a mate." Gabriel sighed looking at his sword again. He almost forgot Victor had the same fate as him.

Victor had a werewolf mate before but his mate died just when he found him. Victor was born gay. He was always attracted to boys and with time he understood that he will mate to a man as well. It wasn't much of a surprise after all werewolf races are similar to humans.

He was on the ninth cloud when he found his mate but the same day they were attacked and as his mate was an omega he couldn't fight off the alpha that attacked him. Victor had alpha blood in him but even he can never match the strength and power Gabriel holds.

Victor become his general and he never had any interest in running his separate pack. He was happy with serving Gabriel. After werewolf's mates die they can't have a second chance mate so it was obvious Victor can never be mated again and he also gave up on the idea until he met Kai.

Kai was a replica of his late mate. The only thing that differed them was Kai's height. His mate's height was short while Kai is almost of Victor's height. Kai's beautiful eyes made him freeze for a second and he was more surprised to feel his wolf reacting as well. When he touched Kai his wolf reacted positively which made him fix his mind on one thing.

Kai was sent by the moon goddess to him to compensate for the loss of his late mate. He knew he couldn't get a second chance mate but his heart was stuck on that beautiful young man the moment he met his eyes. He wants him. Badly. And the thought of killing him was messing up his mind. He lost his mate but he didn't want to lose Kai now.

"Ok." Victor looked at Gabriel who had a devilish smirk over his lips as he looked at Victor.

"Take Kai to your house. Don't kill him. Keep him with you just the way you like. But." He paused before leaning his back against the sofa widening his smirk.

"Not only him. Bring his sister to me." Gabriel commanded making Victor nod his head.

Gabriel already heard that her uncle died. That's why he commanded his general to only bring her here. And it wasn't like he cared if her uncle lived or died. All he wants is her.

"Kill everyone except them." Victor placed his fisted hand over his chest kneeling before him.

"Yes my Lord." With that, he walked out of the chamber with a small smile playing over his lips.

Gabriel smirked pulling the sword near his eyes as he removed his finger over the sharp edge. "Time to come back to who you belong to little flower." Sneering lowly he glared at nothing making plans of how to hurt her in the same way she hurt him.

Victor didn't care about anyone else except Kai. He didn't even care to think about the reason why Gabriel would want Fleur. He just directed his men to attack the village and kill everyone but he will deal with Kai and Fleur personally. With that, they shifted to their wolves and ran towards the village.


Fleur palmed her forehead rubbing it. It's been two days since she got the news of Ken's death. She couldn't believe it till she saw Ken's ruined dead body with her own eyes. She couldn't hold her senses and fainted on the spot after seeing how mercilessly he was killed.

His face, chest, and even his legs had sharp scars like an animal has scratched him with its sharp claws. She cried the whole night for him. He was a young and ambitious man. He had an older brother and a younger sister. He had just completed his studies and was working with his brother on their farm. He also had applied for a better job in the city and wanted to settle down there.

That night he came to meet her and all night they talked, with him sharing his future planning with her which she keenly listened to. He even told her that soon when he will get a job in the city and then he will rent a small apartment there and will take her with him.

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