Roman Satisfying Her Darkest Fantasies chapitre Chapitre 9

“Yes, that’s understandable,” Derrick said quietly. “But you don’t fear that from me, do you, Sandra?”

The shock in her eyes filled him with fierce satisfaction.

“No, Derrick! Never!”

He kissed her again before pushing her upward from the couch. “Go and make your calls before the police get involved. If I know Karla, she was absolutely serious about calling the police. It wouldn’t surprise me if she hasn’t hauled Ken over to your house already. You call the girls. I’ll call Ken and let him know you’re okay.”

Sandra leaned back on her couch with a deep sigh and flopped her head backward to stare up at the ceiling. She felt emotionally wrung out, and for the first time she couldn’t blame it on Clement’s death or the anniversary of it.

It was a different kind of turmoil, one she’d never imagined when she’d bravely—or rather thought she was bravely—taking control of her future. Now that future was one huge question mark.

She sighed again and closed her eyes, weariness assailing her. She would have drifted off, despite the chaos her mind was in, if the doorbell hadn’t rung. And rung again. Insistently.

She knew without confirming that it was likely Karla or Sophia or even both. They wouldn’t have been put off by her phone call simply telling them she’d backed out. They’d want to hear the entire story themselves.

With a resigned groan, she pushed herself up from the couch and shuffled towards the door.

Derrick had dropped her off barely half an hour earlier after all the necessary phone calls had been made. She shivered as she remembered the raw desire she’d seen in his eyes. Felt the heat of his mouth on hers. Remembered his fingertips sliding down her face to her neck as he’d said good-bye and that he’d see her soon.

The promise in his voice had given her much to think about. Now that she was back on her own turf, so to speak, she had a lot to contemplate and process.

As soon as she opened the door she wanted to groan again. Karla and Sophia both stood staring back at her. Karla’s gaze was sharp and discerning, looking over Sandra as if she could peel back the layers of Sandra’s thoughts. Sophia looked more uncertain—and worried.

Karla pushed by her, Sophia following behind in her wake.

“Okay, spill it, girlfriend. We don’t buy that bullshit you said about simply deciding to opt out of The House and spending the evening with Derrick instead.”

Sandra followed Karla and Sophia into her living room and flopped back on the couch she’d just vacated.

“And don’t think you’re going to leave a single detail out,” Karla continued. “I’ll sic Ken on Derrick if I have to. One way or another, I’ll get the dirt, so you may as well cough it up now.”

“Are you all right?” Sophia asked anxiously. “Did something happen last night, Sandra? Did someone hurt you or frighten you?”

Sandra smiled ruefully. What to say to those questions? Yes, no and yes?

“I’m fine,” she reassured. “Honestly. It’s complicated.”

Karla’s lips tightened and she got that “aha” look on her face that suggested she’d known something was up.

“What happened then?” Sophia asked.

“What really happened, Sandra?” Karla pushed. “I saw you yesterday. I heard you. And whether you had any apprehensiveness, I know you, and you were bound and determined to go to The House and see it through. And then I get a phone call saying oh never mind, I didn’t go and I’m at home?”

She snorted in disbelief.

“I went,” Sandra hedged.

Sophia’s forehead furrowed. “But you said you didn’t.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t go,” Sandra corrected. “I merely said I changed my mind.”

“And?” Karla asked quietly. “What happened, Sandra?”

Sandra sighed. “Derrick happened.”

Karla’s mouth rounded into an O about the time realization sparked in her eyes. “Oh shit. Derrick was there, wasn’t he? Oh my God, did he freak?”

Sophia looked absolutely confused as she jerked her head back and forth between Sandra and Karla, trying to keep up with what was going on.

Before Sandra could answer, Karla pushed forward.

“I’m so sorry, Sandra. I should have warned you, Derrick is hardly in there. I mean I know he’s a member, but it didn’t even occur to me to tell you that, because what were the odds that he’d show up on the night you went?”

Sophia shook her head in bewilderment. “Derrick—our Derrick—goes to The House? Why?”

Sandra’s cheeks warmed and she and Karla exchanged looks of understanding.

“He’s a Dominant,” Karla said gently. “Like Ken.”

Sophia went silent, processing the revelation. Tension vibrated from her, and it made Sandra uneasy for what she’d have to tell both her friends. But especially Sophia.

Sophia was . . . Well, she was very black-and-white. Her worldview was very narrow and she didn’t often venture outside the parameters she’d set. She had good reason to be as she was, but it didn’t always make things easy. Sophia was rigid, and this would likely throw her for a loop.

“He was there when I walked in with another man,” Sandra said in a low voice. “It didn’t go well.”

Karla winced. “I don’t imagine it did.”

“He hauled me out and took me back to his house intending to lecture me after he scraped an inch of skin off my hide. He didn’t think I had any clue what I was getting into.”

“And did you inform him differently?” Karla asked.



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