Roman SEX WITH THE VIRGIN MAID chapitre Chapitre 4

"Pass me the vegetables." Mariam ordered, pointing to the chopped vegetable at the other end of the kitchen counter.

They were in the kitchen preparing dinner for Bryce to eat when he gets back.

Hera had just finished making potatoes and chicken gravy. Mariam was surprised at how well she cooked but Hera had opened up that she learnt how to cook from the convent.

Every Saturday after morning mass, the sisters usually gave them cooking lessons so it was easy for her to play around with a lot of ingredients.

As time went on, she got really good at it and started preparing food for the children as well.

"I have a problem with mashed potatoes but since you're here, I have a feeling that I'll be pretty good at it very soon" Mariam bragged jokingly as her eyes lit up in fascination.

"Of course ma'am. I'll teach you everything you need to know" she assured her with a smile.

A while after, they were done with dinner.

Hera glanced at the clock in the kitchen. It was already past eight at night. Does their boss usually come back home so late at night? Maybe he was a very busy person that took his job seriously.

He lives in a big house so it's only fitting that he works very hard to maintain it as well.

"I'll go get cleaned up first." Mariam alerted her "Should Incase Bryce shows up, serve him dinner but if I'm back before then I'll serve him myself so that you can also get cleaned."

"Okay" Hera affirmed in a small voice, earning a smile from Mariam.

Mariam hurriedly left the kitchen and went straight to her room in the servant quarters.

Hera decided to clean up the kitchen while she waited.

She wouldn't want Mariam to get upset.

Halfway through the dishes, she felt someone behind her and stirred but then she became relaxed thinking that it was Mariam who had returned from after her shower.

"I'm almost done here Ma'am." She announced "I'll go get cleaned now"

Turning around, she locked her eyes with a huge man with a rippling muscles that almost popped out of his clothes.

He was so tall that he made her feel small.

Her first impulse was to scream but then what if he's the owner of the house? The security would never let a stranger into the house right?

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He asked and Hera frozed instantly. She has never been in the same room alone with a man before. Back at the convent, it was always the sisters and occasionally the priest that she had seen and acknowledged to be the man.

What is she going to say or do now?


Bryce arrived home with Nella after a long day at work.

Nella was his childhood friend while growing up. They were very close to the point that most people thought that they would end up together. Although Bryce doesn't have such feelings for her, Nella was madly in love with him and so she proposed a friends with benefit contract between the two of them.

He was allowed to do all the sinful things he wanted to her for as long as she wanted.

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