Roman The Alpha and His Contract Luna chapitre Chapitre 5

My new secretary enters my office with a stack of papers. A newspaper and a magazine are part of the stack. Then she quietly leaves after giving me my coffee.

I have only worked with her for a few days. But she’s honestly the best. She does her work efficiently. Arrives on time and she doesn’t gossip. Which suits me fine.

I pick up the magazine needing a distraction. I’ve been cooped up in the office. Trying to catch up on work. The only time I leave is when I have to go get a shower and a change of clothes. Also when I’m visiting Mason.

The front page is about me. I don’t know whether to be angry at them or thankful. Thankful because they’re spreading the message. I’m no longer a doormat to be stepped on.

‘Lauren Smith is back and she’s colder than the Antarctica’ it reads.

Below the headlines there’s a picture of me slapping the guard. It then goes on to talk about what happened that day.

Someone probably sold the story and the image. The person was getting fired. Once I found out who the fuck it was.

“They have no idea just how cold our heart has become” Blue say.

I chuckle at that because it was the damn truth. Our heart has become so cold. It would probably freeze anyone who tries to get near it.

But isn’t that what happens when you’re crushed? You either remain broken or you rise. I didn’t want to remain broken. I didn’t want to continue slowly dying from the pain and heartbreak. I didn’t like the woman I had become.

So I froze my heart. Freezing the pain and hurt deep inside. Where I no longer had to feel it.

Pain changes you and it changed me. I was a naïve fool. Wore my heart on my sleeves for people who didn’t deserve it. Gave all my fucking best.

In the end I was used and then discarded. The same people turned on me and broke me. I wasn’t going to allow that to ever happen again. So I had to kill the old me.

“I need a run” Blue sighs. The wistfulness clear in her voice.

“I know, I’ll find something soon”

Given I was a lone wolf and packless. It was hard for me to run freely. Most lands are territories. Those that are not are owned by humans. Humans who like hunting.

I was looking into getting a house. One with a really big backyard for us to run. One that was also secluded. Where I didn’t have to worry about neighbors seeing a wolf in my compound.

There’s a knock on my door. I tell the person to come in. The moment they do I wish they would drop dead.

“What do you want?” I ask annoyed.

Darren stands in my office looking unsure.

He answers calmly. “I came to see how you’re doing”

I stare at him in disbelief. What was with him and Miranda thinking that we were sort of best friends?

“And why the hell would you do that?”

“We may have gotten a separation but I still care for you. I would have loved for us to remain friends”

This time I laugh. A full belly laugh. While Blue snickers in my head.

He looks so innocently confused. As if he can’t understand why the hell I was laughing.

“Were you my friend when you called me a cunt?” I growl at him.

He goes to say something but I interrupt him. My voice going cold. “Did you care for me when you kicked me out of my daughter’s party? Or when you had your claws digging into my neck? Or when you cheated on me?”

He doesn’t answer me. Just stares as if he can’t find the right words. Like he can’t figure out where the woman he knew disappeared to.

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