Roman The Beast And The Blessed chapitre Chapitre 4

Killian's P.O.V

My lip curled at the weak wolf in front of me as he shook with fear at the border of the Red Moon pack. They used to be an impressive group for their kind, but over time they grew complacent. Their need to become stronger, bigger, and better vanished, and with it did my respect.

I resented that I had to come to this weak little pack, but it was where I would find her. My mate.

Even thinking the word had me on edge, and I growled as the werewolf before me stood in my way, making my blood boil. He was stalling, trying to give his Alpha time to show himself to cover for the disrespectful lack of welcome we had received thus far.

His eyes traveled over me, his body vibrating even harder in terror at what he saw. We had run in our Lycan form, as we preferred. Shifting into our beast was saved for special circumstances. The Goddess blessed us with the ability to half-shift and stand on two legs.

The sad excuse of a dog before me was wasting my time, and that was something I did not allow.

"Run along, little wolfie." Joselin's voice rang out as she transported before him. Her long, pure white hair blew away from her face, exposing her glossy empty white eyes and the black etchings along her skin.

The wolf jumped back, bracing itself with his tail between his legs as he stared at her wide-eyed. The smell of urine made me lose faith in this pack if this was one of their warriors. They would need to be trained. At this point, I had the feeling one little Fae could obliterate them.

"Boo!" She whispered, and the wolf took off, running back toward its pack, leaving the border defenseless. Joselin grabbed a strand of her hair, twirling it as she glanced over her shoulder with feigned innocence. "I don't think he liked me."

I rolled my eyes at her before she dipped her head in respect, and I walked past her, leading my pack of men onto the pack land.

Joselin was the only reason I was here. Her vision demanded that I find and protect my mate. It was a vision of my death, and that was not something that I would let happen. According to my witch, it was something that my mate wouldn't let happen either. She would be the only one who could save me in the upcoming battle, and it was the only reason why I was here today.

As we reached the pack, the trees thinned, and Alpha Dalton jogged up to greet me with his head dipped in submission. It was too late for him. He was lucky I didn't rip his throat out immediately.

The sobs of several women quickly joined the loud gasps as they were forced to their knees in a line, their yells of protest getting louder as they witnessed my men emerging from the forest in their Lycan form.

I took a deep breath as I walked past their Alpha, not bothering to acknowledge the man who had already insulted me once.

We were here for one reason and one reason only.

"Tsk, bad puppy!" Joselin hissed behind me as she walked past Dalton.

A young man stepped forward from the collection of pack members, and I could feel the Alpha blood pumping in his veins. The heir.

"Welcome," He said as he bowed. The woman at his side stared down at him, disgusted that he would submit to another. I could feel the way she demanded power but leaked toxicity from every pore. I snorted in disdain at the couple as I glared at her before she too, lowered to show her respect.

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