Roman The Beast And The Blessed chapitre Chapitre 7

Natalie's P.O.V.

Several hours had passed before I had mustered up the courage to help myself to a shower. I was glad I had my get-a-way bag with me when I was taken from my pack. Clean clothes and a warm shower did wonders for me and my injured arm, and I was ready to test the limits of my new captivity and learn my place.

If I weren't allowed to leave 'our' bedroom, I would find out very quickly. I paused at the door briefly, wondering what would happen if the king returned and I wasn't there. What kind of punishments did human breeders get? Were there other human breeders here, or were they killed after they produced an heir?

I shook my head, glancing back to the room, admiring the glow of the mid-afternoon sun on the gold detailing that decorated the bedposts. It made me wonder what other beautiful designs were waiting for me to discover in the rest of the castle.

The bronze handle was cold beneath my touch, like a warning that I should back away and stay where I had been left. Instead, I pulled the door open, jumping at the sight of the large back blocking my exit. The man was easily two heads taller than me and could pass for a giant had I not known he was a Lycan when he wasn't in his skin.

He moved to the side, turning to face me as he cleared the way for me to exit. He bent at the waist, taking me by surprise as he bowed in his crisp black suit. I didn't know what to do or how to handle it. But as he straightened back up to his full height and returned his gaze down the hallway, I assumed I was free to roam.

"Hello," I said softly as I tried to assess the man before me. "Am I allowed to leave the room?"

He glanced down at me with his eyebrows pulled together as if confused before looking away again with a quick nod in confirmation. I stared at him for a moment longer, waiting for him to change his mind or report me to the king. When he didn't move, I turned and made my way down the hallway, very aware of the giant man shadowing me. His presence was oddly comforting.

The winding staircase of white marble steps made me pause as I wasn't sure which direction to go, up or down. I glanced over the railing toward the foyer before looking back up.

"Your highness," A young woman gasped, and I turned in time to see her curtsy with her head down. "May I help you find something?"

I scanned her over. The young girl was wearing black slacks and a tucked-in black button-up shirt. She held a caddy of cleaning supplies in her left hand.

The way she addressed me, similar to the man hovering a few feet away who had bowed, took me by surprise.

Your Highness.

Were they misinformed, or was I under the wrong impression? I had been chosen as a mate. I was not a fated mate. Could a breeder be placed as queen, or would I only fill the position until he crossed his true mate?

"No, thank you. I'm not sure where I am going." My voice trailed off as I glanced around.

"Dinner shall be soon. Would you like me to show you to the king's study so you can dine together, or would you prefer the private dining room?" She smiled widely, and I placed her at no more than sixteen. She would have shifted by now, which meant she could also hear my heart hammering in my chest at the mention of the man who had unofficially claimed me as his mate. "If you go down this hallway and make a right into the east wing, his study will be on the left side. Tobias here can show you too if you'd like."

I nodded, taking in the information but not entirely set on seeking out and spending time with the man that I was to mate with before I had to.

Yet, a slight push in my mind told me that while I truly didn't know or trust him, I should go to him for answers. Leaving me in our bedroom with no more than a single sentence was infuriating.

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