Roman The Beast And The Blessed chapitre Chapitre 8

Killian’s P.O.V.

She was here. She was safe. Finding her was no longer a problem.

Yet, I couldn't get her off my mind. I kept thinking about the split in her lip and the bruises on her arm. I wanted to find whoever was responsible and end them for what they did to my mate.

I was livid by the idea that she was in our room hurt, alone, and from what I saw back at her pack…scared. But she managed to wipe away any compassion I had for her when she asked about other women. Either her opinion of me was so low that she thought I kept a collection of concubines around for my pleasure, or she was fishing to see if I was going to be sleeping with other women and, in turn, if she could sleep with other men.

Both thoughts made me not want to be in her presence. It was the exact reason why I didn't want a mate. A soulmate had the power to destroy you and crush your will to live.

If it weren't for Joselin's vision, I would have been happy going on with my life alone. Perhaps one day I would have had to produce an heir but not with a mate. There would have been no need to mark a woman and tie them to me for the rest of my life when they could just as easily have provided me with a child and then stayed out of my way.

But the thought of the woman in our room, possibly in our bed, made my beast happy and, in turn, made me angry. He wanted her, and I despised the thought of her.

I knew the second she left the room and began to wander the halls of our home. When I should have been focusing on the threat at hand and the map in front of me, she had all my attention.

I stood from my chair, sending it flying back onto the floor as I ran my hands through my hair.

"If you are that frustrated, you have a mate now that can help relax you..." Joselin laughed with a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows as she picked my chair into an upright position with a flick of her wrist.

"Mind your own business, Josie," I growled out, still all too aware of my mate's presence moving closer. I didn't want to think about her or be focused on her. I had bigger fish to fry.

The reports of vampire sightings and attacks were at the top of my list. They had been extinct for over a century. Having them pop up now was worrisome. I needed to find out where they were hiding and how many of them there were.

They had started The Great War a century ago, and we had all thought they had been purged from the Earth. For decades after our victory, there were hunting parties roaming, making sure that every last one had been eliminated.

But now they were back, and even Joselin, as powerful as she was, couldn't locate them with her magic.

Something or someone was protecting them, and I needed to find out who and how so I could take down the threat to my people.

Having a mate was the least of my worries and should have been at the bottom of my list. Yet, as she approached my office door, her smell had me losing all focus on the task at hand. She smelled like a freshly baked dessert, just sweet enough to make you want to sneak a taste when no one was looking.

That was how they lured men in, and I wasn't going to fall victim to her charms when I had a duty to put my people first.

It was something my father never considered when he ended his life and reign over a woman.

Joselin looked up, making eye contact with me as she sensed my mate approaching. Her mischievous smile made my stomach tighten as she jumped from her chair and pulled the hardwood door open only a breath after my mate's delicate hand knocked against it.

My mate looked startled as Joselin stood in front of her, her hand falling slowly back to her side.

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