Elizabeth was led into one of the most beautiful house she had ever seen in her entire life.

It was furnished with taste and exuded class and affluence. The person who had ushered her in had taken one look at her shabby dressing and decided she must be one of the homeless on the streets always begging for some change or food.

It wasn’t until she had stated her business and mentioned the name of the secretary that she had been escorted in to wait. Elizabeth gazed around the house, she was awed by how many antique furnitures were present and effectively clashing against the modern equipments, it was almost like they were involved in a game of tug of war.

“The mister shall see you now.” The lady whom Elizabeth guessed to be the housekeeper said to her and led her into a small, also classy office.

He was already seated and flipping through some papers in front of him.

Elizabeth thought for a moment if those were her replacement, should she fail to either give him an heir or agree to the ludicrous demands in the contract she was holding.

“Sit. My secretary told me you are here to hand the papers over to me and discuss some things you found uncomfortable in the contract?”

“Yes, I am. I haven’t signed it yet because I have series of questions as to how this is supposed to go.” Elizabeth answered, taking a seat in front of him

“Good, I would have been startled if you did not have questions. So what part of all the clauses in that contract is hard to comprehend.”

“The part that says once I move in with you, I won’t ever go back or anywhere without your permission and I am to be escorted even if I want to get some fresh air in the gardens.”

“What was not clear?” He asked.

Elizabeth stared at him like he had just sprouted a second head.

Was he joking, was this his idea of a joke? She thought to herself as she stared, waiting for him to get the memo.

Was this some kind of test directed at her to know her abilities at calming her anger?

“Is this some sort of test or trick question whatever.” Elizabeth asked

“No, it isn’t. What pray tell is not clear to you, I am a very busy man and as at right now, I have an ongoing meeting in the second room. I hardly have time for such shenanigan.”

“Shenanigan? You are literally confining me for months if not years because I am going to be having your child. That clause of this agreement is nuts, I should have the right to move around without being shadowed by security.”



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