“You what?” Elizabeth’s friend, Mara screamed at her.

Elizabeth after much deliberation had told her friend about the surrogacy thing and also that she had just botched the one job she had to do to take care of her dying mother.

“You can’t be serious, I mean you talked about it at the club and I just assumed it was the drink talking cause we were both drunk but actually going through with it?”

“I went alright, met the man I am supposed to have his baby and even went over to his house, it was almost settled. After nine months I am to be paid $80000 and then taken care of for five years after. Do you know how wonderful that is?”

“Liz! Being a surrogate is a very big decision, I can’t believe you made such decision without telling me and how do you think your mother would feel when she hears you had to get pregnant to foot her bills, she would blow the roof down. Come on, this isn’t you talking.”

“Well it is not going to happen ever again because I yelled at the man in question, you know Jason the billionaire whose family is literally involved in all things that make the world running. I am not supposed to tell a soul but he’s the one, I agreed to get pregnant for.”

“That’s crazy, he needs a baby? Do you think he is still accepting applications. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to have him impregnate me.” Mara squealed

The look on Elizabeth’s face was enough to quieten her down.

“I am sorry, I know how much of a bad temper you have, Liz. You should have just held whatever it was in for the sake of your mother.”

“You think I did not try? I just couldn’t with him sitting down there looking so smug and talking down to me like he believed I was stupid or something. Nothing in the world should make someone so condescending towards his fellow human being.”

“I mean, he owns almost everything on this side of town, a little attitude should definitely be in place.”

“Whose side are you on right now, Mara?”

“You know I am always on your side, maybe this is God’s way of telling you that he doesn’t approve of what you had been about to do.”

“If he doesn’t approve, does he think he could make my mother get well on her own so I don’t have to do preposterous things.” Elizabeth sighed slapping her palm against her forehead.

How could I had been so stupid as to yell at him? now that I thought about it, he had just sat there and stared at me as I raved no doubt surprised at my sudden outburst.

“I don’t know what I am going to do, I can’t keep working at the convenience store forever. The money I make there isn’t be enough to take care of me, not to talk of treatments for my mother. This surrogacy thing was like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I botched it.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Liz. Blame it on the arrogant asshole who could not accord respect to the one who is going to be carrying his own baby and heir. You are not in the wrong here so stop slapping your forehead, you will get a bruise.” Mara said, patting her friend on then shoulder.

She knew how much her friend needed money at this point in her life and wished that she could offer that help, they had been friends since high school and it was because Mara was always bullied and then one day Elizabeth had stood up for her. Mara could remember that day like it was yesterday, Elizabeth standing over her and waving her fists at her bullies while she sat on the ground where she had been pushed, they had become inseparable after then.

“There is no use for me crying over spilt milk, I have an evening shift at the store so I will see you later. Please take care of my mother for me till Darren gets back from school or wherever he is at this moment.”

“I will, just go and stop thinking about what could have been… instead focus on the future and what would be.”

“Shut up, Mara. You sound stupid” Elizabeth said smiling at her friend.



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