“What do you mean by you will be going away?” Darren, Elizabeth’s brother inquired as he watched her type away on her laptop.

He could hardly understand why he had to be the one to take care of their mother at such young age, no offense or insult intended but he had his own life ahead of him and he could hardly imagine himself being bound by his ailing mother. To him he felt it was his sister’s job to take care of her and ever since their father had died some years ago, she had been doing that just fine without his help.

“I need to go work to get money for her treatment, Darren. You just have to be with her for some months and I will be back. This is really important to me and it is literally the only thing that can get us out of this level.”

“What kind of job is it? You know I am playing for the local football club and I just recently got selected to represent at the international level. I cannot botch this, coupled with the fact that I have school and a life.”

“Who do you think is working so hard so you could have this life you have always wanted? Do not mess with me, Darren. What is more important to you, mother’s life or your football career.”

The look on her brother’s face was enough to tell her that he had chosen the latter without hesitation.

Elizabeth sighed, closing her laptop

“I’m so sorry that I am springing this up on you but I had no idea this job would even come through, I merely applied because there was literally nothing to do and now I have to go because I have been chosen.”

“You still haven’t told me what sort of job it is, what job has you going away for months without contacting your family or coming to see them.” Darren asked, folding his arms.

“I cannot speak of it because I signed a non disclosure agreement but I promise it is nothing horrible, the person involved just thinks it is better I do not make any contact until I am done with it. Please Darren, try to understand me. I would ask Mara to check up once in a while and before you know it, I will be back.”

“Yeah, whatever. I have practice right now so I will be leaving, see you.”

Elizabeth watched him go and sighed again, this was not what she had expected when she had applied to be a surrogate for Jason, she had thought she would be allowed free access to her family and every other thing but it seemed that would hardly be possible.

Elizabeth’s eyes went round her house and over to where she had dropped the card he had given her yesterday, it was his personal line and she was to call him by 7:00 pm today. She wondered what this was all about, her stomach knotting in anticipation.

I find you utterly intriguing

His own words, not hers and still she could not stop thinking about how that had made her feel, the pounding of her heart as he smiled at her and the way she had been lost for words. This wasn’t supposed to be happening and not at the time, it was merely a job and she was going to get it over with. Even as she said this, she still could not stop thinking about that smile, he looked less like an asshole with that smile.

Elizabeth waited till it was 7:30 before picking up her phone and giving him a call, her hands jittery.

“You are late” he stated simply immediately she identified herself.

“Yes I was just contemplating whether it would be wise to call on you at the exact time you gave me.”

“I gave you that time for a reason, Elizabeth.”



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