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"I want a divorce! I am now the CEO of the Thompson Group of Companies- the master of the Thompsons. My father can no longer control me. I am done with your selfishness!" Evan Thompson, her husband, towered over her as he yelled. "I thought I knew you. I thought you would change, but I was wrong to think that you deserved a chance!"

"Evan, please," Shantelle's words broke in and out. This wasn't the first time her husband had brought up the divorce in the past few months, but now he had the divorce papers in his hand.

Fear crept into Shantelle's heart, knowing how serious he was this time. She reasoned, "I thought you were cheating on me. So I did every married woman would do and confront a mistress whom you have been housing in a luxury apartment -"

"I was only helping her!" Evan insisted. "She isn't a mistress! Why are you so insecure?"

"Nicole has no one. I brought her here to Rose Hills, and she is my responsibility. Two years ago, Nicole quit her job in Lockwood to be with me. She has no one. Do you hear me? No one. You and father ensured she could not get a decent job!" Evan shot back.

With a frown, Shantelle said back, "She could have gotten a decent job if she stayed away from Rose Hills -"

"And with what? No money - in a new town without anyone she knows?" Evan retorted.

"Then, she could go back to Lockwood -" Shantelle tried to reason, but he cut her off again.

"That's not the point, Shantelle! Haven't you realized it? I do not like to be dictated!" Evan said. He pointed at her and described, "You think you can control my life? Who do I want to be acquainted with?"

"That's never going to happen, Shantelle! Never! I only permitted this marriage because of my father - because he threatened me with my inheritance, my birthright!" Evan added. "You realized how unfair that was for me?"

"And what if I cheated? Why would it matter to you? You forced yourself into this marriage - conspired with my father to trap me in this situation! You knew that I had my eye on Nicole, but did that matter to you? No! You had to squeeze yourself into my life!" Evan shot back, his voice strengthening.

'Forced myself into his life?' Shantelle silently asked. 'But we have known each other longer!'

Shantelle and Evan had been married for two years. Their parents were close friends and had always said that she and Evan were bound to get married.

Evan was the gentle older brother she looked up to when they were young. He treated her kindly and even blushed at her claims of marrying him.

She was five years younger than Evan, so her thirteen-year-old self did not hold back in expressing her love for him back then. Sadly, the time came when Evan had to leave Rose Hills City for his college and master's degree.

Evan only visited Rose Hills during holidays since he was often busy, taking two majors in college and managing an off-shore branch near Lockwood City.

When Evan fully returned to Rose Hills, he was already twenty-five years old, ready to take on more responsibility in his father's company. He was mature, more brilliant, taller, better built, and absolutely good-looking. However, when he came back, he brought someone with him, a friend whom he introduced as a potential girlfriend, Nicole Lively.

Shantelle never saw the signs. Whenever Evan visited Rose Hills, they chatted like old times. She was always very transparent about her attraction towards him, yet he never shut her down. Imagine her surprise and dismay when he returned with a woman he was casually dating at that time.

The oddest part was how Nicole Lively looked somewhat similar to her. Nicole had long blonde hair, amber-colored eyes, and the same nose. If not for Shantelle's blue orbs, more prominent jawlines, and tall figure, they were almost the same.

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