Roman The CEO's Ex-Wife Returns With Triplets chapitre Chapitre 3

Bryan couldn't be more happy. His dreams finally came true. Was he dreaming? His father finally approved of it and nothing was going to stop him.

He rose up on his feet and yelled out in joy. Finally, he couldn't get rid of his wife. Taylor would be gone from his life in a few days and that was just what he wanted.

He stared at the paper once again and kissed it. Stella was going to be the first person to hear this.

His door opened with just a knock and his best friend walked in.

"Guess something wonderful is cooking in here." Alex said as he noticed the smile on Bryan's face.

"You're really smart. I finally got what I wanted bro. I can now finally get rid of her!"

The smile on Alex's face immediately faded completely. "What do you mean?"

"Take a look." He handed Alex the letter.

"So what next? You're planning on getting rid of your wife? Are you sure it's right for you to make such rash decisions without getting affected in the end?" Alex questioned.

"You're such a killer joy Alex. What on earth would I need to keep her for? I've gotten what I always wanted so it's time for her to leave. You know better I never loved Taylor."

"For a whole year, she knew that and she still stood by you. Don't you think you should at least give her a chance? She deserves it bro."

Bryan remained quiet. He was already fucking angry with what he just heard. "If you're gonna support that slut of a wife, then you can as well stop being my best friend already."

Alex arched his brows. "That was fucking harsh Bryan. It's fine. I have no business with your married life so I'll stay out of it, but don't come to me the moment you regret this decision." He said.

"Regret? I would never fucking regret such a thing. For a whole year I've always wanted this."

"Change of topic please. So what's going on with you." Alex said. He couldn't take more about them talking about Taylor because Bryan was his friend and he wasn't gonna betray him for a lady.


It was past 4pm and time for Taylor to get office work. She really wanted to finish up as soon as possible because of her leave in a few days time.

As soon as she submitted the later file, she clicked on the save button and heaved deeply.

"Finally!" She groaned. She was finally done and it was time to head back home. She received a call from her best friend.

"Hey Talia, it's been so long."

"Guess what girl?"

"What?" Taylor responded.

"I'm back. I'm back to NewYork girl."

Taylor nearly screamed out loud when she heard her friend. "When? How could you not call or text for 3 years Talia. I was always worried about you." She added.

"Let's meet up and I'll explain everything to you."

She immediately paused, and checked her wrist watch. Her husband might be back anytime soon and she had to go home and cook for him. But then, Talia, her childhood best friend, was back in town and she badly wanted to go see her.

"I'm sorry bestie, but tomorrow will be cool." She added.

"What!! You just broke my heart girl."

"I'm really sorry. I need to go home and cook because my husband might be back anytime soon."

"What? You're married? Jesus Christ?" Natalia yelled on the phone and Taylor chuckled. "Surprise!!" Taylor yelled back and both girls began laughing.

"Who's the lucky girl who married my best friend? He must be a lucky man to have a lady like you all to himself." Talia said, but then Taylor's smile faded completely.

Lucky? She wished. He wasn't feeling even the slightest luck, and it seemed more like she was bad luck to him instead. "I guess so..l it's…." She suddenly paused.

Talia really hated Bryan down to her bones. It would only get her angry and disappointed if she told her it was Bryan Anderson and she might probably curse her.

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