Roman The CEO's Ex-Wife Returns With Triplets chapitre Chapitre 4

Bryan remained quiet. His back was still turned on her, and he had made up his mind not to spear her even a glance. It was all about getting the company, but when she had asked this question, a different kind of emptiness filled him.

"You should know better, Taylor." He answered.

He tried to take another step away, but she ran to him and encircled her arms around his body. Her hold was so tight.

"Bryan, you might still have a chance, we might still have a chance to make this work out fine. I'll pretend I knew nothing. You can still learn to love me."

Because she had just spurred some emotions in him, he forced her arms away from his body and turned around to face her, while she sniffled. Her eyes were red and swollen, but that wasn't going to make him change his mind. He had come this far for Stella and he wasn't going to lose her for Taylor.

"I don't need you in my life any longer, is that so hard to understand. You of all people know how much I dislike you, and I hate it when you try to put up with me. There's no point in keeping up with this marriage when I don't love you and will never love you."

She sniffled again. If looks could kill, maybe he might have been dead. What about her did he dislike so much? Why was it so hard to give her even just a chance? He always knew she was head over heels for him in the past and she could do anything just to see his face. Why can't her hard work and hope pay off? All Taylor was asking for was a chance and nothing more than that.

She stared at the paper again which had already been squeezed half way. If she signed it now, that means everything would be over, and she would have nothing to do with Bryan anymore. Could she ever cope with the pain in the future?

One thing Taylor had always been taught by her mom was never to fight for a man's love. It would ruin her. She knew this in the past, and yet she chose to listen to her heart which yawned for Bryan alone.

As much as she wanted to take the advice of her mother, she couldn't. She dropped the paper on the table and ran up the stairs heading straight for her room.

Bryan remained quiet. There was absolutely nothing to say. He had nothing in mind and he only stared at her till she was out of his sight. There were no emotions in his eyes as he watched her.

The moment he heard the sound of her door being slammed,.he walked towards the divorce paper where she had kept it and picked it up.

He wasn't going to give up so easily. He knew his wife more than anyone in the world. She was pretty frail at heart and she was gonna give up very soon.

Before that, he needed to start preparing for his coronation and presentation in front of his father's guests and the shareholders. He dipped his hands into his pocket and headed out of the house.

He had no intention of sleeping home tonight because he simply didn't want to change his mind. It was made up right now, but who knows, Taylor might just perform some black magic on him and he might end up missing the greatest opportunity of his life.


Morning came by quickly, but for Taylor who was still laying on the tiled floor with her drugs scattered from the bottle it was being preserved in, the night had been slow.

Her eyes didn't move even for a second, and there was no way she could sleep as her mind had been occupied with

thoughts on how to save her marriage.

Taylor had recalled the day her father had broken the news of her marriage to Bryan, she was excited, but he wasn't. He didn't support it, but all he wanted was his daughter's happiness.

She couldn't go back to her father and ask for help. He could fix things immediately if she did so, but that would be telling him that she had been lying to him about the condition of her marriage the entire time.

Could she also tell him about her sickness and what the hell she was passing through?

Immediately her alarm began ringing, she forced herself up on her feet with a groan.

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