Roman The CEO's Ex-Wife Returns With Triplets chapitre Chapitre 5

Biting her lower lips, she rose on her feet and grabbed her handbag from the table. It was really so suffocating breathing in the same place as Stella.

She opened her bag and dropped a few dollar bills on the counter. "Thank you."

As she turned to leave, she spared Stella one last glance and shook her head in pity. When it comes to Stella, Taylor really despised losing, and she wasn't going to lose today as well. She thought of ignoring Stella, but she knew it would be impossible.

"I guess at this point, I'll be taking over as Mrs Anderson pretty soon."

Taylor clutched her hands into fist, trying to control herself from getting so mad. She sucked a deep breath in, and smiled. "So?" She uttered.

"So, you lose."

She felt that word deeply. "Because I'm simply backing down now doesn't mean I lost for you, Stella, get that into your head. I'll be back one day, and I'll seduce my husband back and away from you. You'll watch me take over again"

"Dream on." Stella yelled.

Like she had thought, she was actually the one winning, and getting on Stella's nerves. Stella had a short temper so it was easy.

"You and I know who got the killer shape, the killer smile. I might just become who you are in a few years time, and when I do, I'll gonna come take my husband back. Mark my words Stella, you'll suffer so much like you made me suffer and it's gonna be even more painful for you."

Stella chuckled. "You're no match for me. Bryan chose me for a reason. He saw something in me that he never saw in you. I look way sexier than you, and I've got everything that a man wants. Yunno what you have…. Your daddy, and that's why you'll forever be nothing more than a daddy's girl."

Taylor almost lifted her hands to slap Stella across the face, but she knew that was what Stella was waiting for. To get on her nerves. She had never retaliated to Stella's words before, but today's words hurt like hell and she didn't want to retaliate.

"At least, I grew up with a family of my own, and I had the love of my parents. What about you? You have nothing, and you're nothing more than an orphan who doesn't deserve all that you have. If you weren't picked up from the dump where you belong, then you wouldn't dare run after my husband. That's so low of you."

Taylor saw her hands coming and so she held it before it got to her face.

"Don't you dare."

Stella's eyes were soaked in her tears.

"You made my husband look at me like someone so worthless. You snatched my husband away from me, and you ruined my life. Because of you, I went through a lot, and even when you knew everything was hurting so deeply, you never back down. Everything I said now, you deserve every fucking bit of it slut." Taylor yelled and pushed her hands away before walking away.

As she got into her car, she finally let go of it. This was where she always poured out her misery, and cried out her eyes whenever Stella made it so clear that she was nothing to Bryan.

It was always like this in the past, and even now, nothing changed, including the feelings. She hit her chest hard and rushed for her drugs. She always had extras just in case the pain starts somewhere except the house, and once she gulped it down with a bottle of water, she ignited the car and drove away.

For the first time in her life, she wasn't feeling sorry for everything she had said to Stella. The bitch deserves everything for all the pain she had caused her.

She picked up her phone and dialled Natalia's contact.

She couldn't hold back her tears. There was no point in doing so because she needed someone to talk to about everything that was going on in her life. Someone except her father whom she was scared of disappointing

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