Roman The CEO's Ex-Wife Returns With Triplets chapitre Chapitre 6

Bryan sat in his office. It was hard enough concentrating on what he was doing. He had lodged in a hotel last night, but made Taylor think he had gone to meet Stella last night, and he had not come home this morning because he didn't want to see her face, but now, he was feeling so strange.

Probably it was because he had been too harsh on her last night. He suddenly recalled the look on her face when he handed her the divorce papers and what she had said to him, "Why is it so hard for you to love me."

He recalled another. "You still have a chance. We still have a chance to make this right."

He rubbed his face with his palm when he wouldn't stop thinking about last night. Why was she suddenly occupying his mind? He was pretty certain that she would sign the divorce paper as soon as possible, but something inside of him wanted to prolong it.

He needed to get it done before he officially became the next CEO.

He opened a file and began staring at it, hoping his mind would stop thinking about Taylor. It wasn't working and even when he changed to another file, it was like what was written in there was their conversation last night.

He rubbed his eyes and just when he wanted to stand up, his door opened.

Stella walked in.

"Babe." She called, walking towards him.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" He questioned. She arched her brows when she heard him. "Can't I be here?"

"Stella, should you? You know what we agreed on."

She scoffed aloud. "I'm sure she's gonna sign the divorce papers tonight, trust me." Stella replied and smiled. It made his gear thrust for a second. " What do you mean?" Those words suddenly rushed out and it was more like he yelled at her.

She gave him a questioning look. "I don't get you. Isn't that what you want? I thought you'd be happy if I said this."

Finally realizing what he had just said, he fluttered his brows. "Yeah, I want that too," He replied, his voice almost like a whisper. She took two steps and was now standing right in front of him.

"Baby." She called while he forced a smile.

"We finally got what we always wanted. You and I, together like we always dreamt of."

"It's not over yet. Taylor hasn't signed the papers."

Once again, Stella arched her brows. "You're acting strange today Bryan, is something wrong?"

Bryan shook his head in negation. Was the fact that he was being disturbed by the thought of Taylor look so obvious? "I'm fine, Stella." He stared down at his files. Everyday, he always wanted to be with Stella, but today, he wasn't just feeling like it. He felt strange, and the cause repeatedly pointed to one person.

"Let's go out tonight to celebrate." Stella suggested hoping that would cheer him up, but he didn't smile like she expected. Her greatest fear was the thought of him already in love with Taylor without realizing it, and she wasn't going to let that happen under her watch.

She touched his hand. "Did you hear me?"

"Let's do that next time, Stella, I'm preparing for the meeting with my father and the company's members." He said.

She scoffed. She had never been the first to say things like this, but just today that she had decided to, he totally rejected it.

She bit her lower lips. "Okay."

"Let's get married, Bryan." She finally broke the news. This was the reason why she had come.

Bryan arched his brows, but didn't utter a word. "This is what you and I have been waiting for the entire time. It should have been me back then. It should have been me standing beside you and saying our marriage vows and not Taylor."

Her voice had turned cold, and she was almost on the verge of tears.

"Stella." He called softly and tried to touch her hand, but she pulled it away from him.

"Just say yes."

Bryan found out he couldn't say the word that she deeper wanted to hear, and he had no idea why because he did want to conclude it was because of Taylor since he wasn't sure

He had been reminded of their marriage vows and the way she looked at him that day. "I will never forget what I promised you, and I haven't stopped loving you. If you feel so insecure of Taylor, then you shouldn't. Wait a little longer, Stella. Once the divorce has been finalized, I'll come for you immediately." He said.

She smiled. Now, she was certain that Bryan was still hers. Bryan picked up the files on the table.

"I need to go now." He said.



She frowned. "Taylor isn't home, trust me tonight."

She nodded her head while he forced a smile on. He opened the door and walked out of his office. As soon as he got to the car, he dropped the file on the seat next to him and buried his face on the wheel. Things were fucking going the wrong way, and he had not expected it.

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