Roman The Dragon King's Seduction chapitre Chapitre 3


“Yes, welcome to Clair De Lune, King Agnarr,” Dad replies to the Dragon King, holding his hand out to him.

Agnarr looks at the offered hand for a second before accepting it.

“Thank you… Now where is my promised bride?”

How shameless.

I see Mom clench her jaw, her eyes filled with the anger she’s trying to control.

“She is here,” Dad says, looking for Morwenna, who is approaching the dais with Niko.

“I hope she is, because if I am not given what I was promised…” he leaves his threat hanging.

“We will keep our side of the promise,” Mom says, as Dad places a hand on her arm to calm her. “I am Morgana, Queen of Clair De Lune.” Mom says, holding out her hand.

Agnarr arches a brow as his eyes rake over Mom, but he does not take her offered hand.

“The Vampire Princess who brought peace to this kingdom and the Sanguine Empire. I heard you were once nothing more than a slave.”

Dad’s eyes flash. “You will do well not to disrespect my mate,” he says coldly.

“And you will do well to respect me, for your daughter will be my wife.”

His threat is not subtle, and before Dad can reply Niko steps forward, introducing himself and exchanging a look with Dad, diffusing the situation between the two kings.

Maybe if Dad saw what a dick he was, he wouldn’t agree to this.

Niko turns, motioning Morwenna forward, offering her a hand.

“I am Alpha of the Midnight Eclipse Pack and the son of the Alpha King. This is my sister, Morwen-”

“Wait!” I shout, my heart thundering.

All eyes turn on me as I hurry through the group until I’m right in front of the dais, realising now that the Dragon King is an entire foot taller than Dad…

“Nik- Alpha, allow me a moment, please,” I say clearly, signalling with my eyes that I will handle this.

“I’m Xendaya Araqiel, the eldest daughter of Alpha King Kian Araqiel and Queen Morgana Araqiel of Clair De Lune,” I pause, doing my best not to tremble. “Your bride-to-be.”

Morwenna gasps as all eyes turn to me.

‘You don’t need to, Xenie.’ she says through the link.

‘No. It’s the right thing to do.’ I reply, my eyes fixed on the giant in front of me.

His sharp yellowy green eyes snap to mine, before his gaze trails over me slowly, lingering for a moment on my breasts.


A whispery murmur crosses the room, but everyone is quiet, not wanting to risk angering the Dragon King.

“Xen…” Mom murmurs as she wraps her arms around Morwenna, who is watching me with sadness in her eyes.

“My daughter, Princess Xendaya Araqiel, your bride-to-be,” Dad says quietly.

I don’t spare him a glance, I will never forgive him…

“Ah… My belated prize. She’s beautiful. I think I will accept this marriage.” He says, holding his hand out to me. “Will you not greet me, Wolf Princess?”

I will never bow to you nor accept you.

I will never yield to your wishes or desires…

My heart is thundering as Dad’s voice comes into my head, urging me to offer my hand.

I raise it, placing it in his, the coarse feeling of his fingertips is proof of the life he lives and he raises my hand to his lips, his eyes locked with mine as he kisses it softly.

“Tonight, we dine in celebration of this union between The Obsidian Dragon, King Agnarr the Ruthless and my daughter, a treasure of the Kingdom of Clair De Lune; Princess Xendaya Araqiel! May their marriage bring peace, power and prosperity to our kingdom and its people!”

There’s no turning back.

Everyone claps and raises their glasses. The happiness of many at the cost of one… It’s a good deal, but at the cost of my own freedom, happiness and future…

Am I selfish to hate my heritage? To wish I wasn’t a princess?

A price that I have to pay for my people.

A wicked smirk crosses his lips as he draws himself up and looks down at me.

“So… We meet again, Wolf Princess…”

“Meet again?” I ask, confused, but he chooses not to reply.

“I heard the Wolf Kingdom is blessed by nature. Perhaps my future wife can show me around.” Agnarr says, his voice dangerous and cold.

I’d rather not.

“Xendaya… accompany the King for the evening, show him around the palace and its gardens. Perhaps you can get to know one another in this time,” Dad says, looking between us.

His eyes are burning gold, and I wonder if Thanatos, Dad’s wolf, can feel my pain. He always said I was his favourite.

“Excellent. Let’s hope you don’t bore me,” Agnarr says, and I take a deep breath.

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