Roman The Dragon King's Seduction chapitre Chapitre 4


I watch from the shadows as my future wife drops to her knees in despair, the strong front she portrays gone within seconds. I didn’t think that werewolves were so weak.

I have no interest in her, but it’s been years since I began searching, to no avail. Is she the one the Seer spoke of?

It’s a pity one so young has to be married to the likes of me, but if she behaves, it might be favourable for her. After all, even the Silver Dragon was planning to reach out to the Alpha King himself.

I am not sure if she is the one, but if she is, then she is mine. I will trust the Seer’s words and take her choosing to be the princess I marry as a sign…

Irritation flits through me as that same wolf who I had heard trying to stop her earlier encourages her to run away.

I turn away from them. I will return for her soon enough and if there is another man, I will kill him.


The dark memory of the screams of my tribe members as they are slain echoes in my mind.

“Don’t do it, Nefzaan!” I warn, raising my hands in surrender.

Not my child…

A cold smirk crosses his lips.

“This is but a taste of what is to come…” He says and with those words, he drives the dagger into Friya’s belly before he beheads her.

A roar rips through the air and I gasp, jolting up in bed, the image of him cutting her head off before she falls to the ground dead, flashing before my eyes, again and again.

I’m breathing hard, sweat coating my body and I wipe my forehead, running my fingers through my open hair and stare at the ceiling.

It’s a memory… just a memory…

It doesn’t matter if she hates me or not. I need all the power I can get my hands on, and with the Kingdom of Clair De Lune at my back, I won’t need to constantly look behind me for an attack.

I lift my necklace that contains one tiny dragon scale… the only remnant I have of my unborn hatchling. He would have been born within a week or two… he was strong… promising to be a powerful King…

‘Every time you think of him, you will remember my face, and remember what I have done. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to save yourself, your tribe, or continue your lineage. I am ready to bathe in the blood of any woman who will be unlucky enough to bear your child.’

I glare ahead, his words ringing in my mind.

‘Her blood will be like wine, quenching my thirst. I will await the good news that you have filled another woman’s belly with your seed and when you do, I will come for her!’

A roar leaves my lips as I smash my fist into the wall, causing the entire building to tremble.

“No, you will not. I will prove the Seer wrong. I will prove everyone wrong!” I snarl as fire spreads across the ground.

I hear shouts as I sit there, the burning fire licking the walls of the hut.

I will kill you, Nefzaan… I will take your throne and I will prove that I am far superior than you ever will be. I look at my hand, the large scar that goes across my right palm is a chilling reminder of centuries ago.

There was a time when I was naïve and thought words would suffice…

I am not the man I once was… we have laid in hiding for centuries… building our armies and tribes, and now… now is the time to take the Dragon Throne once and for all.


Kian stares at me, his eyes burning gold as he stands behind his desk, his hands behind his back. Despite his cold, emotionless exterior, I know he isn’t pleased.

“You gave us one week… it has only been three days.”

“Seven days or three, it’s merely a blink of an eye. I want to take my promised bride back with me tonight.”

He frowns slightly, hesitating. “Very well… but only if she agrees.”

“She will, or she knows the consequences if she does not.”

His eyes flash and he steps forward, a man who holds power, but he is nothing in comparison to me.

“Make sure she is not hurt, for if she even gets one scratch-”

“For someone who brought his queen to this kingdom by force and kept her prisoner… You are one to talk. I will treat her as I deem worthy…” I reply.

His eyes flash and he snarls.

“The treaty stands only if she is alive and well.” He warns.

As if you will even know what is happening in my kingdom.

“Indeed. If she is a good wife, she will live. Have the contract prepared. We will leave tonight. Oh, and this time I brought a few of my men.”

“The rule was no one else is to enter the kingdom.” Kian’s eyes blaze.

“Well, I couldn’t come all alone to take my queen, now could I?” I smirk challengingly. “So, shall we cut to the chase? Do we have a deal?”

He clenches his jaws. “Everything will be ready.”



The King’s courtroom is silent, a long table is in the centre and many wolves stand around it. It is time for the signing of the peace treaty.

When me and my men enter, towering over the wolves, I can tell they’re on edge.

“Look at them, I can smell their fear,” Hazran smirks, speaking in our own tongue as we walk down the centre of the hall.

“Now where is your Wolf Princess?” Dagnoth asks, making the others snicker.

“Yes, Agnarr, tell us. She hasn’t run away, has she?” The third says.

“Really, Kaizoran, it could be so. Maybe my presence was too much?” I smirk as they hoot.

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