Roman The Father Of My Twins chapitre Chapitre 1

Seven years ago….

Inside the grand bedroom, a small figure was asleep on the bed, it wasn't long before her eyes swung open. She stared blankly at the environment, even though she has spent five years of her life here, it still feels extremely awkward to her. In a Mansion where she was unwanted, and the servants even looked down upon her…. Indeed she was the unwanted wife of the Mansion, she finally realised why she was married into the Mansion in the first place. The man she has always loved and admired secretly all these years, he never even looked her up in the eyes, not even once. Never have she thought that she was never going to consummate her marriage after the wedding night, this event caused most people to think she was barren and useless!. Even her in-laws now hated her because of this, but what should she do?. Would she dare tell them the truth?. Even though she did, are they going to believe anything coming out of her mouth?. Tsk. They all hated her now, and the most laughable part, the average poor Lady they rejected for their son, now they accept her, but now she was the push over. How was I foolish enough to fall for this trap?. She thought.

Without much thinking, and after brushing away all the disturbing thoughts inside her head, she rose up and went straight to the bathroom. A bitter smile appeared on her side lips when she saw the reflection in the mirror, her face was pale and dull, making her look even older than her own age. This was caused all because of the stress that she had to go through…. It just doesn't stop. She can't even keep count of all the times she tried to get his favour.

"Anya, stop thinking…. I better start my day". Deep down she was thinking of ways to go to the company, ever since she got married to Lucian, she started working in his company just to get close to him, she even forgot about her own inheritance in her family because of him.

After bathing, she went ahead to put on her clothes before making her way out of the Mansion. Even on the way, she still couldn't stop thinking and worrying about what happened last week, when he handed over to her a divorce document. Of course, she declined to sign it, she can't just possibly end five years of marriage, not just so easily…. She'll be a fool to just sign it.

"I should better catch a bus". She muttered. Even as the wife of the most powerful billionaire of the entire world, she still has to catch a bus?. This isn't a new thing to Anya at all, ever since she stepped into his Life, she wasn't allowed or given any right to lay her filthy hands on anything belonging to Lucian, but as time went by, she was pretty much comfortable with it without any slight problem.

Something caught Anya's attention that she had to halt on her track. "Th…. This car?". Without any doubt, she surely recognised this car, but what is it doing here at this time?. She was curious and didn't back down, so she went to check it out. Behold, as expected of it, the car was present at one of the most expensive restaurants in the City. But what is it doing there exactly?. She gasped before hiding herself.

Her face instantly became pale. This was the same Lady, she once saw her picture in his room!. "Is she his Mistress?". Her hand gripped on her clothes tightly as she wouldn't stop staring at their direction even though she wanted to badly run away. What caused her legs to lose control was the moment she witnessed the two kiss!!!. In public, they kissed! But never in a million years would he let her get close to him in public!.

Anya couldn't take any of this, so she ran away in tears. No matter how much she tried to control her emotions, the unwanted tears wouldn't stop flowing continuously. This caused some attention of the crowds passing by. [Among the crowds: How can a young lady be tearing up in public shamelessly?. Something bad indeed must have happened to her].

Anya's clothes were drenched in sweat as she arrived back at the Mansion, just as always, no one paid any concern to her. She won't blame them anyways, they were just afraid because of the fear of losing their jobs.

Getting to the bedroom, she slammed and locked the door from the inside before weakly walking to the bed. Immediately she arrived, her legs lost control and she fell flat on the bed. Her eyes were both swollen and red. She deeply blamed herself for this!. She remembered her big brother warned her about this, but she was so naive to think that her brother only hated Lucian for some reasons. But now she has seen it for herself!.

"I…. I'm sorry brother!". Her throat was dry and it hurt a lot. All because of Lucian's sake, she hasn't been in contact with her brother for God knows when, five years it is, after she got married to her crush!.

"I hate you Lucian…. I hate you!!!". I can't believe that I was so blinded by love for you that I foolishly let you treat me like trash. It'd always be her, why didn't I think of it!?.

She remembered something, that lady must be the same Lady that Lucian cared about, and now his family cares about her also. I guess humans could change sides easily without a second thought.

Her face darkened as she stared at the wardrobe before her. She instantly stood up from her bed with only one thought. I must divorce him!.

Anya this time wasn't backing down, why the hell would she choose to remain here when she was not wanted by anybody?. If she could guess, they could even kill her just to get rid of her someday, wouldn't it be best if she just disappeared from their lives by herself?!.

Without taking a deep breath, she roughly signed the documents without second thought. But then, an idea popped into her head. Tonight will be the most memorable day of your life!. Her face darkened as her lips supported it with a wicked grin.

Just as expected, Lucian arrived back at exactly 10pm, even in the dark, his cold handsome face could not be denied. His sharp jaw, deep eyes and tall stature couldn't be unnoticed…. He indeed was the dream man of every lady, but not to Anya anymore. She was finally done with this nonsense one sided love.

She was familiar with what he always would demand upon his return, so she already messed with it. She monitored the servant that served him the drink, after she was gone, Anya went ahead to take a peep. As soon as she saw him drink the wine, she instantly entered the room, shutting it from the inside. This was the guest room, she suddenly recalled something on the first night of their wedding…. "I'd rather sleep in the guest room than with you".

"Ha, I guess you don't have any choice this time around!". As expected, the medicine already worked fast against him, this medicine type, the stronger and willed one is, the faster and more effective the medicine works!. And she knew Lucian too well.

"W…. What are you doing!?". His voice was so threatening, but Anya didn't care about anything. It's not as if he could move his body anyways. I guess this should be my payback to you after all!.

She undressed herself without any care, nor was she intimidated by his deadly Aura. What she came here to do, she was sure to finish it!.


Finally morning time arrived, but Anya was nowhere to be found inside the Mansion, only a divorce document was found on top of the bed.

"Where is she?!".

"E…. Em…. Your wife already left Boss".

Early seven years later….

"Mommy…. What're you planning to get for our birthday?!. I can't believe that it's finally here!". Zach yelled out excitedly, on the other hand, Zeke didn't say a word, he only watched the two as always.

"Em…. Let me think….". Anya said and placed her fingers on her jaw.

"I want a Mansion in California ''. Zeke's sudden demand to Anya, made her speechless.

"M…. Mansion?". Anya muttered in disbelief.

"I was only kidding Mom, I know you can't afford it". Zeke announced with a straight face.

[Instant death].

"Hmph!. Good on you for making fun of me". Anya frowned her face when she said to Zeke.

"Mom, don't mind Zeke, he doesn't know what he's saying, you're the richest Mom in the universe!". Zach declared and ran to embrace Anya.

"Aww…. You're so…. Cute!". Anya couldn't stop herself from cuddling him all to herself.

"I don't want to hug….". Before Zeke could finish his words, Anya cuddled him too.

"Don't tell me you're a blushing little man?". Anya teased Zeke as she cuddled him.

[Zeke: Of course not!. I…. I don't want to hug you anymore].


After putting the twins to sleep, Anya retired to her bedroom.

"Big brother, why did you tell mommy that?. You know she hates California because of him". Zach announced, but Zeke was unmoved by what he said, his face even darkened.

"I know, but I want to go to California, so I can give that guy a piece of my mind!. I'll sell his shares and collect his companies and riches for our Mom!". Zeke declared.

"Easy…. Mommy is gonna hear you!". Zach whispered a little loudly to Zeke who scoffed.

"You'll see about that, I'll get us all to California next week". A wicked smile appeared on Zeke's lips after he had said.

"No…. No. Whatever you're thinking, I'll not help you". Zach admitted.


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