Roman The Father Of My Twins chapitre Chapitre 2

"Boss, everything is ready". James announced to a man who was in his early thirties. He was dressed in Black well ironed suit and pants.

The Boss that he referred to only slightly nodded his head in acknowledgement before he majestically came down from the plane through the stairs.

Just then, five Black expensive cars arrived at where the Boss was standing and welcomed him. Lucian as always, wore a straight expressionless face, he was Majestic and Charming as always, even after all those years.

Soon, Lucian made his way to one of the cars, after which the cars began and drove off. Just then, another plane arrived at the airport, and with steadiness, the plane finally touched the floor, and its tires made screeching sounds as it came in contact with the ExpressWay.

‘Finally…. I would say. Indeed, there's no place like home!’. Anya thought to herself as she sniffed the fresh air of the City. She could already feel familiar with the City.

Anya wouldn't lie, but as soon as she came down from the plane with her twins, different emotions and memories replayed inside her head. But she was extremely sure not to make that cause her to be weak!. She was a brand new Anya after that day of her divorce, why would she even be bothered?. It's not as if she has anything to do with any single one who hurt her before. She just hoped that during her stay here, she wouldn't cross paths with anyone familiar with her, even though that happened, she will just ignore them!.

Anya stared at Zeke and Zach and was thankful because they both look like her a lot, except for their eyes that are identical to his. But who cares or gives a damn?. It's not as if it's only him that has the right to have this eye colour.

"Come on babies, let's go to our new apartment". Anya announced and held their tiny hands. Zeke stood by her right side, while Zach was on her left side. And since the airport was crowded, it was best that she held her babies hands because she can't afford losing them on her arrival to California, never!.

"Whoa…. Mommy, California is nice!". Zach's sweet baby voice, caused the attention of many travellers who instantly adored him and Zeke. Though, Zeke was shy and kept a straight face.

[Lady 3: Did you just hear that?. Mommy?. Isn't she too young to be a mother?].

[Lady 1: You're right, isn't she like 18 years old?. Kids nowadays are just so bold. But I admit, her kids are lovely and cute!].

‘I'm a kid?!. 18 years old?. I wished!’. Anya thought to herself after listening to what the people said about her. But anyways, it's not as if they were wrong about her being young…. During the years, she happened to have aged backwards!. Well, she seemed to have already known the reason behind her young body because, after she left Lucian, she was finally able to breathe freely and have peace. To be fair, she had moved on!.

"Taxi!". Anya called and the taxi driver stopped the car. Anya, Zeke and Zach all entered the car afterwards.

"MT HOTEL". Anya said to the taxi driver after she settled down in the back seat with the twins.

"Eh?…. Mommy, isn't that hotel expensive?". Zach suddenly asked.

"Yeah". Anya replied to Zach before she realised something and thought, ‘Huh?. How the heck did this brat know that?!’. After thinking, Anya decided to ask Zach directly, "Zach baby, how did you know that the hotel is going to be expensive?".

"Em…. I guessed it by the name! The hotel name has potential". Zach quickly replied to avoid any suspicion from Anya.

"Ok dear…. Anyways, are you playing games with my phone now?". Anya changed questions after she saw that Zach was with her cell phone.

‘Oh no, I can't return this cell phone to momma now’. Zach was already sweating as he thought. To be honest, he was still busy using Anya's cell phone. "Yeah mommy, I'm playing games. I love your phone! And I'd like to hold onto it much longer". Zach announced before smiling nervously.

"Fine, don't be nervous…. I'm not going to take the cell phone away from you, I have no one to call anyways, you can keep it to yourself". Anya petted Zach's head as she admitted. Soon, she focused her attention outside the taxi window.

"Hmm". Zach nodded after hearing what Anya said.

After everything was cleared, Zeke gave Zach an eye sign that only the both of them understood…. Actually it was like this because, they kind of are the ones who created it. ‘You almost got caught, Zach. And you should improve your acting skills if you want to take revenge together with me’.

‘Sure, big brother Zeke’. Zach also gave Zeke an eye sign.

Many minutes passed, and Anya and the twins finally arrived at the hotel. It was so grand that even Anya's mouth was left wide open in disbelief. It was not as if she had never seen this kind of building before, but the country had really changed!. Everything was just so amazing and interesting!.

"Come on kids…. I wonder how soft the beds will be if we get into our own room!". Anya exclaimed before she dragged Zeke and Zach with her. ‘Come to think of it, how was the elder boss able to pay for this hotel room?’. Anya couldn't help but wonder. But since she had a lot of work coming up during the coming weeks, she had to brush off her thinking and wondering at the moment.

Actually, Anya mostly has to focus on taking her two brats to school!. They're so troublesome to her because they always rejected all the schools that she introduced them to!.

Zach and Zeke: “Mom, we don't want to go to school!”. This was what they'd always recite to her whenever she brought up that word "SCHOOL".

"Good day, I have a room reserved for me, under the name, Anya". Anya confronted and informed the Young Lady who was in uniform.

"Oh right, here's the key card to your room…. Are these your kids?". The young lady curiously asked Anya even after seeing the similarities in Zeke and Zach's faces.

"Yes….". Anya simply replied as she didn't want to ignore the young lady.

"They're so cute!. I can't believe it…. How cute! And just think about how much clothes would sell if they should model for it!". The young lady exclaimed excitedly.

"Th…. Thanks, I guess?". Anya muttered, and without wasting any time, she grabbed Zeke and Zach and left the young lady. Anya didn't mean to be rude or something, but the only reason she left with her twins was because of how the Young Lady was overreacting. Of course Anya knew just how cute and adorable her babies are, but that Young Lady's exclamation was just a little bit too much.

Anya got into the elevator with her kids, and afterwards, the elevator took them to their room floor.

With the key card, Anya used it to open the door to her room.

"Whoa!. Mommy, this is amazing! I love it more than our old apartment". Zach was extremely excited after he entered the apartment…. To be honest, this was the first time that he had to live in an apartment huge like this one. Of course their old apartment was big, but not compared to this one.

"O…. Old apartment". Anya stuttered as she said, soon she began thinking, “Zach baby, really took this far. Old apartment?. Does he actually think that we came all the way over here to settle down in California?. No way’.

"Mommy, I think my stomach needs attention". Zeke announced to Anya after his stomach growled hungrily.

"Su…. Sure Honey. What do you want to eat?". Anya asked Zeke.

"Em…. Zach should be the one to decide what we'd eat, mommy". Zeke admitted and thought to himself, ‘I'm afraid that right now, I don't have any idea about what to eat’.

Seeing that Zeke gave him the opportunity to select what they'd all eat, Zach smiled and said all this in one go, "Mommy, we should eat chicken and fried rice and wine".

"Eh? You're going to eat all these foods, in that small stomach?”. Anya muttered in disbelief. Anyways, it shouldn't be hard for her to prepare them. She could easily make that for them, except the wine part. Instead of wine, Anya decided to replace it with orange juice.

"Why don't you twins wait here let mommy go get the ingredients?…. Make sure not to come outside, okay?". Anya placed a kiss on Zeke and Zach's foreheads before running off.

After their momma left, Zeke announced to Zach, "Zach…. It's time for plan A".

Zach clearly understood what Zeke meant by this, so he went to search for Anya's laptop before bringing it back to Zeke who later busied himself with it.

"Done…. Now they never would be able to trace or even slightly track this laptop!". Zeke suddenly announced after a while of operating the laptop. Plus, if no one is able to track this laptop, it means that their aim for revenge would be so smooth!.

Zeke decided that they would wait later before starting out their plan. Since they just arrived, they should leave it for a while, and another thing, because their mommy was still around, they should wait until she goes to work.

"What about school big brother?. What if mommy decides that we go?.... I don't wanna go". Zach complained to Zeke.

"Don't worry, little brother, if mommy decides that, we should go, okay?. And don't worry about anyone bullying us because, I'll bully them and their parents first". Zeke announced, causing Zach to simply nod his head.

Zach trusts Zeke, since Zeke was the stronger one compared to him.


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