Roman The Father Of My Twins chapitre Chapitre 4

"Eh…. You two?….". Anya said and was finding Zach and Zeke really weird to her. After paying for what they wanted, now they want her to drive them back to the hotel?. This was not what she intended to happen when she brought them here in the first place. Her initial plan was to spend the whole day with them because from tomorrow, she'd be a lot more busy with work. With her Boss running on her tail every second, she'd have to work really hard to design the best dress ever created!.

"Hey babies, whatever you may be thinking in your little heads, but this is definitely not the right time to go back…. We're all going to have fun until night falls!". Anya announced. Plus, she was surprisingly strong because she was able to carry up both Zeke and Zach in her arms. "Come on, there's a park I love, but too bad I didn't have the opportunity back then to go. But now… I think I should". She giggled as she said.

‘I should do this for you…. You seem to be really happy, Mommy’. Zeke thought as he decided not to argue. Since his mommy wants to spend her day today by having fun, he would make that happen for her!.

"Mommy, you better not back out because when we arrive in the park, we're going to enter the most epic ride ever— over there". Zeke announced.

"Of course Zeke…. Your Mommy over here is tough!". Anya admitted as she continued to walk.

After hearing what Anya said, Zeke sighed deeply before saying, "If only you were this tough back then". He muttered to himself.

"Did you say something Zeke?". Anya asked because she didn't quite hear him well.

"Of course not…. I mean, we should focus on having fun today". Zeke calmly said.

"Sure!". Anya declared.

[Zach: "Why do I feel they're both leaving me out in this conversation?". He wondered].


As usual, Asher was in his office, he was focused on the documents that were still pending. "Reject this". He tossed it to his assistant secretary who collected it from him before going on her way.

Boss, we found her!. 1


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