Roman The Father Of My Twins chapitre Chapitre 5

"Wow!!!.... Mommy, this is so amazing!". Zach said out excitedly as the ride finally stopped. This is their 17th ride in this park. Anya was super energetic to give up today, so she stuck around and played every ride and game she could find.

"That's right Zach…. Mommy can always take you here if you want". Anya assured Zach who smiled while nodding his head– before he directed the ice cream that he held– in his mouth.

"Mommy, can we go home now?. I can't be exhausted because of school tomorrow". Zeke said out loud. When his mommy first brought them to this park and he somehow supported her idea, he never expected that it would last this long.

Anya has almost entered all the whole rides but she wasn't yet satisfied. The time was now 5pm, and Zeke planned to return home earlier than this, so that he could begin with his plan with Zach.

But Zach also disappointed Zeke a little because he was so lost enjoying all the rides– that he even forgot about the deal that he and Zeke made.

"You're right…. I almost forgot about school. How about we make a deal, young man? If you let mommy enjoy a new ride one more time, I promise that you won't go to school tomorrow. How about that?". Anya suggested.

"Sure mommy. You can enjoy as many rides as you want, I won't bug you again". Zeke immediately said as he agreed to Anya’s deal. ‘My plan with Zach would be easier to plan if we don't go to school tomorrow!’. He thought happily.

"Come on then kids…. Just one more ride!". Anya excitedly announced before bringing them along with her, making sure that she held their hands. The park was occupied with lots of people, so she wasn't ready at all to lose her babies to the crowds.

Anyways, on the other side, Asher was driving in the highway when he received another call,

"That's right Boss…. She's in the AFC park".

After listening to what the caller informed him about, Asher hung up and drove for a while. Soon after, he arrived at the park and parked his car outside before getting down.

Asher rushed into the park afterwards– without wasting any time. The traffic today wasted some minutes of his time when coming, and even though he was finally here, his heart wouldn't stop beating fast.

His heart was beating fast as if someone was chasing him.

"Anya!". Asher desperately yelled out all he could. He didn't give a damn to the people who were staring at him like he was a mad man. All he cared about right now was to find her and bring her back home with him!.

"Anya!. I know you're here somewhere, it's me Asher!. Your big brother, please come out!". Asher didn't stop yelling out even though he looked like a fool while doing it. To him, If acting like a fool would bring his little sister back to him, then he doesn't mind about that at all.

"Mommy, I think I might have heard your name right now". Zeke, who wasn't distracted, said to Anya.

But Anya denied the fact– saying that Zeke was probably tired from being in the park for this long.

Speaking of which, Zeke decided to keep silent after he didn't hear his mommy's name– being called out again. He even started to believe that his mommy was right— that he was just being tired. But hearing Anya's name one more time, he didn't intend to stand down this time around.

"Mommy?….". Zeke called in a low voice tone, but she was more distracted than before. "I guess this is up to me right now, I'll be back after I confirm my curiosity". He muttered to himself before turning to leave both Zach and Anya.

On the other hand, Asher was drenched in sweat as he continuously walked about in the park. He just had this hint feeling that he was definitely going to find Anya today. So this time around, he made his decision to yell out her name even louder than the previous, "Anya!!!.... Anya!!!".

"Hey mister…. Why are you shouting out my momma's name?. Do you know my mommy?". Zeke stood in front of Asher and asked, but Asher, thinking that it was a coincidence that someone happened to have the same name as his sister, waved Zeke off.

Asher was about to walk past Zeke when a little hand grabbed his trouser tightly. "So you mean you don't know my mommy?. Then why are you yelling out her name? Are you sure you're alright, mister?".

‘Huh?.... This little brat dares me. Me? Whether I'm alright!?’. Asher gritted his teeth tightly as he thought. His hand soon reached over to his trouser and removed the little hand that was holding it. After that, he bent down on one knee so that he would be able to look at the child’s face clearly. "What…. What in the world?". It was in this moment when Asher was close up to Zeke's face, that he was able to see that he resembled Anya. But as he remembered, his little sister doesn't have a child.

"Hey kiddo, what's your name?". Asher curiously questioned.

Brother?. 1

Brother?. 2


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