Roman The Father Of My Twins chapitre Chapitre 6

"Brother?". She said out in disbelief. This made both Zeke and Zach stare at her, and then, at the strange guy.

‘He's mommy's Brother? No way’. Zeke thought.

"Anya, it really is you". Asher pulled her in for a warm hug desperately– like she could just vanish into thin air, just like always. "Why did you have to run away?. Did you think leaving a message would make me feel at peace? Why didn't you come back home?. You know I'm going to take good care of you if you did that back then". Asher said out everything that was inside his head– he just couldn't hold it in as he had finally found his little sister after many years.

"I…. I". Anya gulped hard because she was having difficulty figuring out what to say. Actually, she had no exact explanation of why she left the country. Was it because she was embarrassed to face her own brother?. Or was it because she was ashamed of herself for being so naive back then?. She just couldn't tell the reason why she ran away.

"I'm sorry brother…. I…. I am really sorry for not thinking about you before leaving. I'm so sorry". Anya cried out– her tears were dripping on Asher's shirt.

And even Asher wasn't ready to let go of his sister.

"Zach, can you tell mommy they should do this later?. This is too embarrassing, I can't take this any longer". Zeke whispered to Zach's left ear. With the way everyone was staring at them, it made Zeke feel really uncomfortable.

After breaking from the hug, Asher turned to face Zeke, and then Zach. He was surprised to see that they were actually twins, identical twins. But he could tell the difference between them because Zach's teeth in the middle were missing, while Zeke's own teeth were pretty much still intact.

"Are these twins, yours?". Asher asked Anya and she nodded at him.

"This is Zach, and Zeke…. My babies". Anya brought them to her side as she introduced them to Asher.

"Are they also….". Asher wanted to ask Anya if the twins were also Lucian's kids, but he cut off his words.

"Yes they are…. But I don't have anything to ever do with him. My babies are mine". Anya announced as she brought Zach and Zeke even closer to her.

"Does he know about their existence?".

"No, and I planned to keep it that way". Anya replied.

Asher was extremely satisfied that his little sister was now such a grown up. Plus, with him seeing her serious face when she claimed that the babies were hers– he already figured out that she must have gone through a lot when she had them alone. ‘I promise to protect you and your kids from now on, little sister. I won't let that bastard get even an inch close to you!’. Asher thought.

"Em…. Don't be angry with me, big brother. I only came back yesterday, and I even planned to meet you when I'm free…. Who knew I'd run into you in a place like this?. I never knew you like going to parks". Anya said with a surprise smile on her face.

"Can I really say a bad word?. Is mommy really that naive even up till now?. Doesn't she see that big Uncle stranger’s clothes are drenched in his sweat?. She should have been able to tell that he had been searching for her since ages– and that he only came to this park because his search led him here". Zeke whispered again to Zach who listened. Actually, Zeke thought that it'd be better to tell Zach this– through words, than for him to say it in his mind.

"You're right brother, mommy isn't smart like we are". Zach concluded.

"You came back only yesterday?. Wait, you mean you weren't in California all these years?". Asher asked in disbelief. He couldn't believe that he made a fool of himself! All these years he was busy searching for Anya in California! Never for once have he thought of searching for her overseas.

"You're right brother. I wasn't in California all these years. I'm sorry for causing you to be worried about me".

"And now…. Do you plan on returning?". Asher curiously asked.

"I am not sure about that yet, big brother. Someone has done something against my will and sent it to my Elder Boss. So, I'll have to prove my worth right here in California as a fashion designer". Anya explained, though Zeke who was the main culprit behind this– hid his face.

My babies are mine. 1

My babies are mine. 2


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