Roman The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins chapitre Chapitre 4

Evelyn POV

For the next few days I tried to get Reuben alone, but Vicky was with him at every moment. She even somehow invited herself in on pack business meetings and sat quietly to the side. She watched Reuben as if in awe of his leadership, but was happy to try and comment when he asked for my opinion as the luna.

I wasn’t feeling well. The early stages of pregnancy taking a lot of energy from my body as well as the added stress of Vicky being here and knowing her motives, had me unable to sleep at night.

Noah had demanded to see me every day. He could sense I was stressed about something and the dark circles under my eyes informed him that I wasn’t sleeping well.

I was back in his doctor’s office where he was taking my blood pressure and checking my weight.

“You’ve already lost weight Evelyn, are struggling with morning sickness?” His eyes look at me from over his gold rimmed glasses, he was also tired. Most likely worried about me, which made me feel even worse.

“I’m getting some nausea but I’m also finding I am not very hungry.” I shrug at him. In truth, I couldn’t eat due to the worry of Reuben marking Vicky and then kicking me and his unborn child out of his pack. I was experiencing a lot of nightmares on this topic.

“You need to make a conscious effort to eat more Evelyn. The baby will only take more nutrients from you. You should be gaining weight, not losing it. From now on I want you to drink this every day.”

“What is it?” I look at the green bottle of fluid he has placed on his desk.

“It is a vitamin drink packed with all the nutrients you need in your first trimester. I want you to drink it every day here in front of me, so that I know you have taken it. You will also sit with me for twenty minutes so that I know you haven’t vomited it back up.” He sternly commands of me.

“Why would I vomit it back up?”

“It doesn’t taste the best. Now drink.” He commands.

I do as he says. The drink indeed tastes disgusting and I have to fight my body’s urge to vomit it back up.

“Are you stressed about telling Reuben? Why haven’t you told him yet?” He asks me gently.

“I just haven’t found the right opportunity. Let’s just say he isn’t alone much at present.” I sigh, my mood saddening again.

“Do you remember that time when you almost drowned in the lake back home, and I had to rescue you?” Noah chuckles picking up on my deflated mood.

“I wasn’t drowning, and you didn’t rescue me.” I laugh back at him.

“Could have fooled me.” He smiles, happy with my change of mood, of me remembering our happy childhood years together.

Around twenty minutes later, once Noah knew I had kept my drink down, we exit his office both laughing of our childhood memories. My laughter was actually so joyful that a few heads turned up in the waiting room.

It was short lived though. Reuben and Vicky were walking towards me, Reuben with a frown on his face. Noah had prescribed me with some anti-sickness tablets which I carefully now hid behind my back as they approached.

My wolf growls in my mind as Reuben’s arm is wrapped around Vicky’s waist, almost helping to keep her upright. She was still maintaining her innocent, can’t look after herself character around my husband.

“Who is this?” Vicky suddenly feels strong enough to find out who Noah is.

“This is Doctor Noah.” Reuben responds bluntly, his frown remaining on his face.

“Noah this is Vicky, she requires immediate medical attention. She almost passed out in my office.” Reuben says with a panic for her welfare clear in his eyes.

“I’m sorry to hear that Vicky isn’t feeling well Alpha, but I am Evelyn’s private doctor, not the pack’s doctor.” Noah responds and I don’t miss the smirk on Vicky’s face.

“The pack doctor on call today has had to attend to something off site. You may not be a pack doctor, but you live in my pack and will attend to Vicky’s needs.” Reuben’s alpha aura thickly covers the waiting area. His command stiffening Noah’s back. The beta in Noah is strong against an alpha’s aura but not strong enough. I could see his hands clasping from the pain running all over his body. I look to Reuben who seemed to be enjoying inflicting this pain on my dearest friend.

I step in front of Noah, completely blocking him from Reuben as I try to ease the tension in the room before it got out of hand.

“Noah, would you kindly just check Vicky for me? She is a guest in the alpha mansion…”

“She seems fine.” He whispers to me under his breath.

“Even so.” I sigh back at him, just as quietly.

“Very well, this way!” Noah gestures for Vicky to enter his office. As she enters the room, I see the opportunity to finally talk alone with Reuben. I take a step towards him when she calls out to him from Noah’s office.

“Oh Reuben, won’t you stay? I’m worried it could be something serious.” She starts to pretend to cry with worry.

“Actually Reuben….” I go to ask him to stay with me for a moment when he completely ignores me and responds to her instead.

“Of course, Vicky.” He replies to her, completely cutting me off. He doesn’t even acknowledge me as he walks into Noah’s office and slams the door almost in my face.

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