Roman The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins chapitre Chapitre 5

Evelyn’s POV

My eyes open not recognising the ceiling above me. Where was I?

I remember falling down the stairs…correction, being pulled down the stairs by Vicky.

Where was Reuben, why wasn’t he here? I see Noah standing at the foot of my bed tapping away on his laptop.

“Noah, where is Reuben?” I ask looking around the room and even try to look outside, to see whether he was talking to a pack member only just outside my room, but still close enough to be here for me when I woke up.

“I’m sure he will be here soon.”

My heart sinks at the news…be here soon? Had he not even checked on met yet? He wanted to be with her, the female that put our baby’s life in danger, to steal my husband.

“Has he visited at all?” I check but already know the answer.

“No not yet….” Noah calmly replies, trying to soothe my internal crisis.

The hospital room bangs open, Reuben’s apparent anger preventing him from catching the door before it bounces off the wall. The room takes on a heavy atmosphere on his arrival, his dark aura swirling around as a threatening reminder of who is in charge here.

“You’re awake. Any damage?” He stalks towards my bed like a predator ready to inflict pain on its prey.

“Some bruising….” Noah starts to list my slight injuries but is rudely cut off by Reuben.

“She looks fine to me. Vicky on the other hand is still in a lot of pain.” He coldly says to me with narrowed eyes.

“Why did you do it Evelyn? Vicky has told me everything.”

“What has she told you?” I look to him completely bewildered at his continued protection of her. I was in this hospital because of her.

“Vicky told me how you flew into a jealous rage about her previously living with me, that we used to be together. How she tried to calm you down, to reassure you but you just saw red. She wanted to leave you alone, to let you calm down but you followed her to the top of the stairs and pushed her down, and she reached for you to stop her fall. Thank Goddess she wasn’t more seriously injured Evelyn…a luna isn’t above my pack laws!”

His belief in Vicky’s turn of events was sickening, how could he think I would willingly hurt someone in such a malicious and calculated way.

“So, you think I pushed Vicky down the stairs?”

“I think in the heat of the moment jealously got the better of you. I don’t believe you truly meant for it to happen…but trust me when I say, it won’t happen again!” His tone to me was even colder than before, almost laced with distain.

I can’t keep back the tears forming in my eyes, I feel like they aren’t only mine but also those of my unborn child.

“You believe Vicky over your own wife?” Noah calmly asks of Reuben.

“You think Evelyn would purposely put her own baby in danger?”

“What?” Reuben gasps at Noah’s revelation.

“You’re pregnant?” Reuben takes a few steps closer to me and reaches for my hand, but I purposely dodge it. His own revelations continuing to break my heart.

“It doesn’t matter anymore…”

“What do you mean?” Reuben looks to me before turning his gaze on Noah.

I close my eyes so that he can’t see my mind-link to Noah, who does the same when I push on the link.

“You will tell him I have lost the baby!” I order at him.

“Evelyn…” Noah tries to argue with me.

“Do it!” I order more firmly through our mind-link.

“Evelyn…?” I open my eyes to find Reuben staring at me, panic in his eyes.

“The baby didn’t survive the fall…” Noah informs Reuben as tears of hurt and guilt gush like a waterfall from my eyes.

I’ve never seen an Alpha King lose control. His anger erupts turning the room thick with a suffocating smog like aura that I find hard to breathe through. With a giant roar he starts to tear the room apart as he throws the chair through the window, smashes the medicine cabinet and launches the monitor onto the floor…before turning his anger back on me.

“Why weren’t you more careful? If you hadn’t of been jealous of Vicky none of this would have happened. She just needed a place to stay until I found her a new pack…why couldn’t you see that, why couldn’t you just like her? If you hadn’t of been so stupid the baby would be alive…”

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