Roman The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins chapitre Chapitre 6

Evelyn POV

“I said, you’ll have to banish me too!” I repeat meeting Reuben’s thunderous eyes.

“That’s impossible!” He growls at me, his body shaking with anger. Vicky places a hand on his shoulder before having the nerve to try and calm a deteriorating situation that she has caused.

“Reuben please don’t fight on my account.” She coos into his ear.

My own growl is deafening, the growl of a luna’s and an alpha’s daughter furious at Vicky. Vicky’s wolf has no choice but to whimper…with her alpha and pack dead she is no longer of luna status. I turn my back on the two of them and start to pull Noah away from them also.

“Are you leaving with him?” Reuben’s cold voice rings throughout the courtyard.

“If you insist on banishing Noah, then yes. I won’t leave him behind.” I firmly stand by my decision.

“I told you she had feelings for him.” Vicky mutters into Reuben’s ear, which earns an irritant growl, even from him.

“He must be banished but you cannot leave the position of luna, you are my wife.”

“What’s the point Reuben? For two years I have tried for you to love me, for you to see me. But I can not make you happy. Why continue this façade, why make each other miserable. I can see now that I never really stood a chance.” Can you see a heart break? I feel like every spectator is watching my heart being destroyed in front of their very eyes.

“Even so, you will NOT be with him, you are still this pack’s luna and will obey my orders.” His eyes seem to flash in colour, his wolf trying to channel through.

I haven’t got the energy to fight for him anymore, not with her here. I need to protect his baby, even from him. Silent tears are falling down my cheek from knowing what I must do.

“What if I wasn’t your luna anymore?” I say, hearing a gasp from the gathered pack members. I wipe away my tears as prepare myself and my wolf for my following words.

“What do you mean?” He mutters under his breath.

“I, Evelyn, Luna of the Blood Moon Pack reject my position as the Alpha’s wife and Luna.” How could you feel a pack connection break when you were never marked? It was almost as if I could feel his own heart breaking. The fall down the stairs was nothing compared to this emotional pain.

“Evelyn..” He takes a step towards me but is pulled back by Vicky.

I turn my back, linking my arm into Noah’s and walk away back into the alpha mansion. I hear Reuben roar behind me, but I decide not to turn, not to continue…not when she is his everything.

“I won’t let you leave me!” He roars before I can hear him shift and race off into the distance.


“Evelyn?” Noah closes my bedroom door behind me.

“Noah, we need to pack…we need to leave. Take only the essentials, everything else we can get when we are back home.” I rush around trying to find a big bag to put some essential clothes in.


“Yes, we will have to return back to the Silver Moon pack until I can think of my next step.” I was running on adrenaline at the moment, not taking a second to think about the severity of what I had just done.

“Evelyn…” Noah gently touches my elbow.

“…you don’t need to do this, not for me. I’ll be fine. You need to fight for your luna title, don’t give it up, don’t let her win.”

“I don’t want this anymore. You were right, he won’t ever love me. I just want to love my child.”

Our exit from the pack was awkward. Pack members were pleading for me to stay, for me to give him another chance. My heart was shouting at me to stay, every fibre of my being was telling me to remain and fight for him, fight for the family I could have. But my head was overpowering my heart, pre-empting the future disappointment I will continuously feel if I stay. Conflicted even until the last second, even when Candice chased after me asking me to wait, that he’ll soon realise what a bitch Vicky is and how really he was in love with me, he just doesn’t know it yet. But my head won.

We had travelled without stopping. I just wanted to get back to the Silver Moon pack, to see my parents. I was ashamed of my failed marriage to such a powerful alliance, but I knew they would never shun me. They only ever showed me love.

Once we had arrived on pack grounds, Noah didn’t stop driving. He used our reinstated pack link to inform the warriors of our arrival and to open the gates.

My parents were standing outside of the alpha house, waiting for me. I exited the car rushing into the comfort of their open arms and allowed my body to finally cry every tear it wanted to cry the entire journey home.

Noah didn’t leave me once, he sat on the single armchair in my family front room where I told them everything that had gone wrong. My father found it hard to keep his anger at bay. He had expected more from Reuben and mum had to calm him down.

Noah admitted his guilt in his contribution to the breakdown of my marriage but that he couldn’t sit by and let Reuben continue to treat me in such a wrongful manner. My parent’s had always been fond of Noah and ensured him that no blame laid with him.

“I’m going to organise my men to visit Reuben tomorrow….” Father starts to declare but I can’t have him enter a toxic environment when he was full of anger at my treatment.

“No Dad, it is done….”

I turn to Noah who nods at me with encouragement to share my news.

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