Roman THE LOVE DOCTOR: HIS SUBMISSIVE chapitre Chapitre 18

Ann hamburger is her name. She's tall and has a perfect body shape that every man admires; big ass, big boobs. She has well tanned skin and long red hair that reached the level of her back. She’s a twenty six years old woman and people who don't know her might think that she is eighteen due to her flawless and tender body structure. She is twenty six years old and a sex addict. Her body is highly sensitive to every man or woman’s touch to the extend that she finds it hard to control herself nor her sexual desire. Her boyfriend had dumped her during the weeks because he had caught her cheating on him numerous times and when she tried to explain to him, he didn’t care to listen so she had no choice but to move and let him go. Until her best friend, Silver introduce her to Marcus Morris, the popular sex doctor in California and all over the united state.

She had told her that he was the only one who could help her and had explained to her how he had helped a lot of women in this kind of condition. After she had urged her and gave her the reason why she should go even when she rejected the offer, she had no choice but to go. Silver has offered her an invitation card to meet Marcus Morris which she accepted and today is the day she has an appointment with Marcus Morris, by ten o’clock.

She hastened up into the bathroom, brushed her teeth before dashing into the cold tub. She had a quick bath before she came out of the bathroom after drying her body with the towel. She raced to her wardrobe and in a rush she brought out a red gown and her underwear. She wore it and rushed towards the mirror. She’s twenty minutes late so she didn’t have much time to apply make up on her face. She brushed her hair before she packed it up in a high ponytail. She grabbed her pink bag and her phone before she wore her brown boots, came out of her house and locked the door. She rushed out of her one room apartment which wasn’t far from the roadway.

She arrived at the roadway and stood on the sideways as she waited for a taxi.

“Saint Antonio hospital”. Ann said to the cabman immediately she had boarded the taxis. She opened the door of the car and slid inside before she locked the door. “Please hurry up, I am late”. She said and the cabman nodded in respond. He speed up the car and zoomed off.

Few minutes later, they arrived at the hospital and she paid the cabman before she went out.

She stood with her mouth open as she gawked at the huge skyscraper in front of her. She was astonished; She haven't seen a hospital this big that she even wondered if she’s at the right place. Without thinking much, she ran inside and waited patiently for the automatic glass door to open before she entered.

“Madam, may I know why you are here?”. The lady at the receptionist table asked, making her stop and turn.

“I don’t have much time ma, I have appointments with Marcus Morris”. Ann answered politely as she reviewed the card she was holding to the receptionist lady.

She glanced at the card for a second before she smiled in approval. “Okay, you can go, the tenth floor”. The lady said and Ann quickly rushed into the elevator.

She tapped the tenth button before the door closed and it proceeded up.She breathed out nervously as she could feel blood swelling in her temple; Thinking that it might be a bad idea to be here. She placed her palm on her chest, calming herself down before the door beeped open and she came out, admiring the beauty of the hallway. She ambled down the hallway, scanning around till she found a door that has the name of “Marcus Morris” pinned on the door’ signifying it is his office. She smiled and adjusted her dress before she knocked twice expecting an order to enter the office in return.

“Come in”. She got what she wanted but in a cold and deeper voice that made shivers run down her spine. She wanted to leave almost immediately because she felt nervous the moment she heard the manly voice coming out from the office. She inhaled deeply, assuring herself that nothing could go wrong and since she’s here there is never going back.

She breathed out before she opened the door and went into the office. Her eyes were welcomed in with a broad shoulder backing her. She couldn’t see his face but looking at his body features, he was looking hot like a god, no wonder they called him a sex doctor.

“You can have your seat”. He said in a raspy tone of a voice and she gestured herself to sit on the chair next to the table. “Introduce yourself sweetheart”. Marcus said in a soothing voice which made her gulp in nervously.

“I…I…I…I..”. She stuttered while trying to find the right words to say. “I’m Ann, I am a twenty six years old and I am a sex addict”. She blunted out. “What about you sir?”. Ann was forced to ask out of curiosity, because his voice sounded so manly and thick.

She heard him smirk and then he turned around his swivel chair to face her.

Ann’s jaw dropped open when her gaze met with his gorgeous face. She was drooling over him as she admired and observed his well sculpted face, his pointed nose and Italian blue eyes. His lips were puffy and tempting to kiss. His curly hair were tangling over his forehead and goddammit his chest. His bulky hairy chest was on display through his shirt that was left open and unbuttoned.

“I am a forty years old baby girl and do you have a problem with that?”. Marcus answered in a deep bleak voice that sounded pleasant to her ear. “Love what you see”. He said with a proud smirk as he had caught her brown eyes admiring his body.


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