Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 1

The sound of music is played soft and gently by the pianist in this room. There is a hansome man with a good body, standing and lay his back on the pillar, right at the corner. Alone, and lonely as always.

His name is Nicholas, or Nicko, yes just Nicko, a young man without family name, a husband of Josephine Windsor. She is the youngest daughter of one of rich and famous family in Westcoast Town, Edmund and Daisy Windsor.


Today is a birthday of Howard, an elder brother of Edmund Windsor. It's a tradition for Windsor family gathering to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Everyone who came on gathering has to bring any present, of course. Honestly, present giving is a moment for showing off who is the richest, who glive the most expensive gift.

"Daddy, i hope you like this priceless painting by Fransesca from 19th century. I am sorry for not spending more than a million dollar," Bryan Holf, his son in law is saying generiously but honestly he wants to show off.

"You really a great son in Law, thank you, " Howard replys nicely while pating on his son in law shouder.

Armando and his wife Chaterine, an elder sister of Josephine come closer then. Giving a box which has a watch inside, a collection of Baurielle with jewels around. It might cost around a million dollar also.

A smile appears in Howard's face when seeing this couple. Armando Blanc is a son of a wealthy family. A million dollar gift is a small thing for him. Catherine is really lucky to be his wife.

"Hi Nicko, what do you bring for my father birthday?" Damian, Howard's youngest son, shouts and makes that hansome man come closer to gis wife's relatives, suddenly. To be honest, he doesn't like this kind of gathering at all, but he has no choice.

What Nicko can do is just nod and head down. Then, he ties to tell him bravely that he has nothing for gift.

"I apologize for not having any gift," He answers timidly.

"So, you came here with an empty hand? How silly you are," Armando, his brother in law is mocking him as always.

"Armando, dont you remember the fact that he is depending his life to Josephine and his parent in law? He just a poor unemployement," Damian, Josephine's cousin try to make him feel worse.

"Yes, you are right, i am sure that you wash your wife underwear, right?" Armando is sneering at him then laugh with Damian loudly.

"Nicko, how ashamed you are. How dare you embarassing my birtday!" Howard seems unhappy with his niece's husband. As a man, he thinks this silly son in law has no respect to him.

"You have no pride at all. What can you do is just make any trouble in my big family," Madame Elizabeth Windsor, grandmother of Josephine is now saying and angry.

Finally, a young lady with a blonde hair and wearing her little black dress get closer to them. She is beautiful and ellegant, the woman in dream. She is Josephine, Nicko's wife.

"Honey, please," she said then she puts her hand on his arm, take him away.

Since Nicko does not want any trouble and argue, thus he agrees with his wife. Then turning his back.

"Josephine, Grandma and your Uncle is not finish talking to your useless and ashamed husband!" Elizabeth shouts and stop her.

Nicko is turning and face his wife family while holding her hand warmly.

"I don't understand about you Josephine, Is there any great side of him, so you let this looser stay and keep him as a husband," Howard tries to express his dissagreement.

"I love my husband," Josephine replys then glaced her husband and smile at him. Meawhile, Armando and Damian laughing and mocking at them.

"What do you see from a looser like him. He is only a good looking unemployement. Soon, he will get older with full wrinkle on his face," Madame Elizabeth says.

"Good looking on face is has no meaning if there is no wealth or money," Catherine explains and make the others laugh.

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