Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 2

Nicko walks faster as he drops from the bus. He will not let The Watts mad at him.

He remebers exactly, how he is punished by a cane on his calf when he got ten, just because he sets up the tea little bit late. Also Mrs Emily's anger, the one who always told him that he is abandoned by his real father.

Feels like a boiling water on his heart everytime he remebered those things. All of them are horrible. Eventhough its horrific, but those give him much strengt to face the life, all the slurs by Windsor Family is not a big deal at all.

"Where have you been, so you came here by now. Do you want to see my wife die? Jamie Watts snaps at him then slap Nicko's cheek.

"I am in uncle Howard birthday party," Nicko says honestly.

"Huh! How could you have fun in a party meanwhile my wife is dying by her illness!" Jamie snaps at him once again.

The fat and chubby man is pointing his finger on Nicko's pointed nose. He tries to remain who is Nicholas.

"Nicko, listen! You just an abandoned little boy. As you should know that your parents also wont let you use Lloyd as your last name. You must thank us for our kindness to take care of you, feed you and give you a place to stay."

Nicko wants to protrest for all the things he said. What kind of meals on his mind? A left over? Or a plain bread?

He has to do a part time job on a restaurant as a dishwasher or mow the lawn from a rich family's garden. Fo all those things to buy nutrisious meals.

"Huh, since he is abandoned child his atitude is like a trash. No politness, no goodwill to repay our generiosity. Mr. Lloyd might has a presumption about this earlier," Devon, the eldest child of Mr. Watts is saying synicall. Makes his father and his sister Jessica are laughing.

Nicko would be happy to make them quiet by his punch, if he is not in a hospital for now. In his opinion, The Watts has no atitude and any mercy.

Jamie Watts and his children keep on bullying Nicko. Standing around him while pushing this 25 years old guy.

They has no fortune but stupidity. There is too much enjoyment bulliying this poor young man. They don't realize that somebody is standing next to the open door of Emily Watts' VVIP room. In fact they book the entire floor for the sick lady, because they don't want to be infected by viruses and bacteries from other patients.

"So, he is the real Nicholas? Phillip Lloyd appears suddenly, and followed by Kyle Brennan and four men with a black suit. Jamie Watts really shock knowing Phillip Lloyd comes surprisingly. In fact he he points his finger to the abandoned young man and says Nicholas, not Devon, a young man who dress up neatly.

Suddenly Jamie's forehead is getting sweaty. Either Jamie or his children standing up in weak and leg shaking because he sees Mr. Lloyd. In the meantime, his wife is pushing to close her eyes.

Nicko is getting confuse when seeing Jamie's snobbery dissappear. Try to figure out who's the man come. This shabby clothes young man is turning around and get the answer of his curiousity.

Nicko's eyes are getting rounded spontaniously, seems he knew whonis the gentleman visitor. He tries to think deeply and find out who is that man.

Jamie awereness is getting back, then rounding his arms to his first son. Showing his friendly pokerface to Mr. Lloyd.

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