Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 3

Nicko is standing in silence while squinting his eyes to see the desperate Jamie. Questioning what happend with this fat man, how could he loose his courage. His shown power and snobbery are disappeared directly.

"Russel, do you know what you have to do to a cheater?" Mr. Lloyd is asking to one of the black suit men, who is standing in a first row.

Russell got a flat expression, no smile or laugh, seems never. Everything must be straight on him. May be Russell is a leader for them.

Russel took a gun from her left waist. Wipe that black gun slowly right in front of Jamie's family.

Flat expression is shown by Russell seems give him more strength and power. This makes The Watts feel more desperate.

Jamie, the one who really fear of his death gives signal to his children. Ask them to go on their knee and begging for mercy.

"Please forgive us Mr.Lloyd, we have made a mistake. We are thirsty by your wealth on us," Jamie is begging for Mr. Lloyd's leniency.

Unfortunately, Russell has no positive reaponds to this fat man kneeling. He uses the gun on his hand and hit Jamie's head. Then put a gun on this poor fat man's head like trying to shoot him, then glanced over his minions.

The minions also pointing their gun to the Watts include Emily. Fear is around the Watts, nothing they can do but begging for a mercy.

"Tell us the truth, who is Young Master of Lloyd? Russel gives command while pushing a gun on Jamie's eyelid.

The looser fat man is starting to pee on his pant. He is pointing a shabby dressed young man in front of him, slowly.

"I have thought it already. It can be seen by his unique birth mark, also the DNA test result which is sent by Kyle," Mr. Lloyd muttering.

No need to wait longer, Jamie makes a confession about what he did with his family to the Young Master of Lloyd. They are trying to build the condescending and pesimistic on real Nicko. They want Nicko grew up as a looser and have unlimited access for Mr. Lloyd money by using Nicko's mental health.

"Damn, i can't believe this!" Mr Lloyd said flustered and clenching his hand with a strength.

"So you lied to me, so far?" Nicko is asking suddenly.

"Nicko, please forgive us for hurting you so far. Please, i am begging you, " Jamie is begging on him with a hope behind.

"Nicko, please. Don't you remember that we are always have fun playing together since we were a child. Don't you have any compassion to us?" Devon is trying to remain him.

Nicko raises hisnhead and trying to ignore them. What kind of fun is that? Nicko was never allowed to touch Devon's toys. Threw all the toys he has no interest anymore is much better than give to Nicko.

Kyle is trying to calm Nicko, since his face is getting red by the anger. He realize that this young man has a deep disappointment to them.

"Young Master, please follow me and Mr. Lloyd, and let Russel fisnish all this mess," Kyle is asking him with a politness.

Nicko has not fully understand about what happend. He just nod and follow those men with fancy suit on.


"What do you feel for now, Nicko? " Phillip Lloyd is asking and pat on his shoulder.

Nicko is still confusing and trying to figure out what was happend just now. Wiping his face with hands and get all the guts to ask.

"So, is that true that you are my father, Sir?" He is asking to the man with a tie and suit next to him.

"Nicko, my son, you've heard all of them already. My apologize for keeping you with a wrong person. I thought it would keep you save but in fact you got much trouble," Phillip Lloyd says with full of regret.

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