Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 4

It's hard to believe for Nicko for what he sees in ATM' screen few minutes ago. This tall guy is waving his card next to the machine and confuse.

Thirty billion dollar is a fantastic amount, especially for someone who never had much money as him. He is wondering about The Lloyd' wealth by seeing the ammount of his saving account. It could be one or five trillion dollar or may be more.

The Lloyd prosperity is a common thing in Westcoast Town. Their various industry are well known, not only in the Westcoast Town but also around nation. The total of the Blanc's wealth is just little bit more than Nicko's money, and of course it could not be compared to the Windsor.

Nicko's ATM card is a special edition. It's only created for those who has minimum a trillion dollars for wealth. At least that's what Nicko have seen on magazine.

"I will be able to gag them by this money," Nicko is thinking on his mind.

What's on his mind istotally right, the ammount on his ATM will make the snobby Windsor happy. It wil be easily for then to own branded things or go on vacation around the world anytime they want. Yet, he keeps his ludricous mind away, "No, i can't do this. What will be any different for me with them, if i am doing this?"

Nicko is leaving the hospital right away and find the bus to go back on uncle's Howard villa. On the way to the bus stop, he sees a busy sports eqipment shop. That was Mitchell Laurance a famous professional golfer over there. A bright idea is coming on Nick's mind suddenly, he wants to test his new card. People at the entire shop looking at him undfriendly. They think he just the one who is looking for an air conditioner or free wifi to use. He is ignorant.

He keeps on eye seeing all the collections of Sporty Win, sport equipment shop. He is rolling his eyes and find Mitch gives his signature on a golf stick.

He remembers that Mitch Laurance is gotten an endorsement from The Bogey, a golf stick brand. He thought Mitch Laurance's coming is for The Bogey signature product. The stick' price will raise up by owning his signature.

Nicko, as the one with a shabby look is coming closer to them. Asking for the golf stick's price.

"This really expensive, It wont be sold to you," The man with a tie is saying, he might be the shop owner.

The people around are giving an underestimate laugh by hearing that man said include, as Mithchell does.

"I plan to buy them," Nicko is saying and make them laugh harder.

"Hei young man! How could you buy all these things. A set of this golf stick is cost more than a million dollar," the shop owner is explaining and mocking on him.

"Hey boy, you'd rather go home. Do not humiliiate yourself," One of the shop visitor is saying. They keep on saying bad words to make him upset untill Nicko shows his magic card.

"Just tell me how much?" Nicko is asking once again and showing his special platinum card. A thing that may gag people and invite their admiration.

On the other hand, it only happend for a second, they laugh at Nicko once more. "Ha ha, are you trying to make us laughing by showing a toy card?" One of them is make a fun on him and make the others laughing.

"Forget about it, this young man must be stealing. How could a man like him can buy all these things," Another person starts saying once again. "Right, you must be stealing. Get him!" the shop owner give command to his guard.

Two big and muscular men come to Nicko and start to lock his hands behind. Nicko is trying to release himself and explain that the card is his own, but none of them trust him. They lock him more thight, hold him and give access to the other one to punch him.

As a punch almost touch Nicko's belly, the black suit men appear on the shop and come closer.

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