Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 6

The room is echoing with people's laughing as they heard about Nicko's challenge. Nicko has been trying to shoot himself, that's in their mind.

"Are you sure about your will?" Adrian asks with his bunch of pride.

"Do you see I am joking?" Nicko replies.

Josephine held her husband's arm so tight, it seems she disagree with his idea. This kind of thing looks childish to her.

"Huh, Boys will be boys," she talks in silence.

Uncertainty is shown on her beautiful face. Adrian Law is prominent from a reputable family. He is well known as a public figure and upper class society.

His popularity cannot be compared to Nicko, though he looks confident for now. His wife was heading down with fear. Nicko tries to rub her finger smoothly while he saw a change on her face.

"It's Ok, Baby," He is trying to calm his wife.

Josephine nods and tries to get calm. Even though she has many worries deep in her heart.

"So, you are sure with your decision looser?" Adrian is mocking now.

"Yes, I always act seriously."

"You such an idiot, Nicko. He asked because he wants to give you a chance to save your life from a humiliation!" Damian is shouting.

Nicko kept calm and turned his face away. He is sick with snobby Adrian.

"I will not be go backward. Yet, I am going to tell you to give up, otherwise you will be ashamed. Everyone here is knows how reputable Law's family are. If he is beaten by Nicko, the one who has no surname it will be an awful totally, isn't it?" Nicko is starting to mock on him and mess his mood up.

"Hey Adrian, let's do this. I guess he is ready to humiliate himself, he gets used to it," Damian says while Armando and Bryan laugh.

"Alright, but I will make it more fun and challenging. Who lose is gonna lick the winner's shoes," Adrian is explaining.

Nicko replays deal ghastly, and sees by all the Windsor. Almost all of them disagree with him. He worries that this unwanted son in law will disgrace them.

"Nicko, are you out of your mind? Are you gonna humiliate us or what?" Howard is smearing at him, but Nicko smile sinically to respond.

"Hey parasite! Don't you think about Josephine's feelings if you loose? You can't afford her life but now you disgrace her! " His mother in law is telling.

Josephine tighten her hand to Nicko and lays her head on his shoulder. She whispers tenderly and asks him to stop gambling.

"Honey, forget it. You don't have to respond to this wacky guy," she whispered.

Nicko turns his body and starts to stare at his wife deeply. Pay attention to the perfection of beauty on a woman who has been staying with him for two years. "Honey, I don't care about what their thought of me. I just care about you. This snobby guy aroused my wife. I can't let anyone do this to my wife," This 1,8 m height is saying and smile.

"But,—" Josephine stop saying, because her lips is locked by her handsome husband kiss.

"Don't worry baby. Every man who has no politeness towards my wife will be punished, trust me," Nicko tries to calm her down.

She has no idea how her husband's sight may keep her calm. She has no idea, how her husband's sight may keep her calm. Ensure that her husband will not lose.

"I believe in you."

"Hush! Too much drama. You don't have to spin the time out, just tell us you give up, and I would be happy to release you. Only if,—" Adrian glanced at the woman who hold Nicko's hand so tight.

"Only if what, Adrian?" Nicko replays without any stale language. He knows, displace to his wife is arousing.

"Hmm, as long as you let me spend a night with your beautiful wife."

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