Roman The Pride chapitre Chapitre 7

Nicko does the domestic work at home as he always be. Luckily, Edmund's house is not as bigger than Howard's.

He has no regrets for doing all this kind of housework. What he is doing for now is an equality for his married life. Josephine, works for her family company to afford the needs include for her parents.

It doesn't mean that Nicko has no will to find a job and support his wife. His decision to leave his previous occupation directly makes it difficult in finding a job for now. Whereas His previous job was in a small town with a less prestigious company.

He got a job as a courier one day, but the Windsor disagreed with it. Working as a courier has no prestige at all and going to embarese the reputable Windsor. Thus, Nicko only stays home and does the housework.

Even the Windsor don't really like Nicko, but his existence gives them an advantage. By his appearance, they don't need to hire a maid to do the housework.

The domestics work is not a new thing for him, he got used to it. He is enjoying his daily life without any care of the Windsor taunt.

"Be careful in cleaning the floor. Don't make it slippery and hurt your father in law. Remember, my husband Edmund just got a back pain. If you have not careful, you will hurt him!" Daisy is sneering at him, while he is moping the floor.

Nicko just said yes and nods. Then he goes on with what he has been doing.

Josephine was sitting with her parents, then she stands up and tried to help her husband. This young lady gets the dishes and get ready to wash them. Unfortunately, her family disagrees with her goodwill.

"What are you doing, Josephine?" Her Mom is asking her unhappy.

"I clean the dishes then wash them," Josephine is saying indifferently.

"It's not your duty, that's what a coward must do," Daisy is saying while glanched at Nicko.

"I just want to help my husband."

"Why you need to help him. He deserved to do all of this things as a consequence for being a useless man," Her mother is saying once again.

Josephine just stays quiet, but deep in her heart she knows that Nicko is much better than her parents. Her father is always supported by her Grandpa and uncle Howard. As the youngest son, he gets used to being spoiled and stay laziness.

Both Edmund and Daisy always lived in a luxurious way. As time goes by, they don't know how to make money until their children grow up to adults.

They are depend on Josephine to earn and Catherine's help to support their lifestyle.

"But, Dad,—" Josephine can't go on with her sentence, since she found a middle aged man glanced at her.

"Sit down and let this looser do all these things!" Edmund gives a command to his daughter.

Nicko is nodding and glanced at his wife, hive a sign to her to do what Edmund said.

"Hey Nicko, you don't need to be satisfied at all. What you did on Howard's birthday was only a fortune!" Edmund Windsor tries to remain his son in law not to be imperious.

Nicko only nod and do what he has been doing. However, Edmund and his wife stop him.

"On my brother's birthday you were able to beat Adrian, but it doesn't mean he is below your level," Edmund is remaining him once more.

"Adrian has a promising occupation, and came from a reputable family. You should know that, he got a positive connection to the Lloyd family," Daisy tries to tell him.

"Huh, how could this kind of guy knows about the Lloyd," Edmund underestimate him once again.

The Windsor couple are laughing. Laugh at Nicko unfortunate as a guy without a surname.

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