Roman THE SEXUAL DESIRES. chapitre Chapitre 2


From the apartment with nothing left to do , l just headed to the near by silent club . With what l had just witnessed , l really wanted some thing strong to help me forget the image of Lucas who was my boyfriend and Lisa who was my best friend . Ignoring the pervs who were eye fucking me , l made my way straight to the bartender .

" Get me one full glass of wine " , Without even greeting the bartender , l just ordered as l sat down on the high velvet leathered stool . " What type of wine ? , Miss " , The bartender asked in a humble voice . " The best strong wine you have " , l replied and after the bartender nodding his head in acknowledgment , he poured some kind of wine l couldn't recorganise in the glass .

" Miss ...... " , Before he could complete his sentence , l reached out quickly and took the glass from him and still with no word said , l instantly gulped it down as if it was water . " Get me another one " , After taking it in one gulp , l ordered as l placed the empty glass in front of the bartender and still when the bartender placed the glass of wine in front of me , l also gulped it down asap .

"Another one please " , l ordered again but this time the bartender first hesitated to give it to me . " Is it your money am using ? , get me another one " , l sneered out and with this he quickly poured the wine in the glass . " Oh ! Yes I really need this " , With another glass of wine in my hands , l talked to myself before I also gulped it down .

After taking the fourth glass of wine , l stared at the half full glass that was in my hand . Happy that my plan was working , l began to swirl the wine in the glass . Unfortunately as l continued to swirl it , my smile soon disappeared from my face . I had a thought that taking many glasses of wine will help me forget every memory of Lucas and Lisa fucking but then just as I stared at the wine , the images began to burn down in to my brain . I did now recall everything , how my love with Lucas started and the reason why l tiptoed in his apartment .

I had decided to go and surprisingly visit him all because l had spent ten damn years with him while nice to me . " No he was not nice to me..... Noooo ...... he didn't actually love me ...... He didn't " , When l recalled the fact that he had no condom while fucking Lisa , l argued with myself . Recalling the way Lucas pumped raw hard in Lisa's p***y l felt like crying my heart out .

He had never fucked me like that for heaven's sake . What l remembered was that he was always selfish in bed and our s*x was always boring . We would just undress , get in bed together then he would kiss me but not passionately just a chaste kiss . Then he would grab my medium sized bouncy breasts , give them a little twist then stand up , squeeze the lubricant on his hands .


He would then rub his c**k till fucking hard and after putting on the condom , he would then push in to my p***y without even checking whether l was ready or not . Since he was the first one to take my virginity , l was naive with a thought that sex was like that , no having orgasms , with no pleasure built up ,no Cumming and after him groaning out probably loading his hot seeds in the condom , he would then take off the condom and after throwing it away in the trash box , he would then go to the bathroom to have a shower .

" Get me another glass of wine " , With those thoughts in my head , l ordered again this time with tears brimming up in my eyes . The situation was seriously unbearable and after the bartender doing it just like l wanted it , l gulped down the glasse of wine caring less about the consequences of taking it .

" He didn't fucking love me " , l mumbled to myself again and again as l recalled that even getting out of the bathroom , he wouldn't cuddle me , no warmth and then in the morning l would go back to my apartment . All this happened but since l was blind in love , l didn't care about that but after catching him up while fucking Lisa , l wasn't ready to go back to him . " No more falling in love ", I inwardly mumbled to myself before sending the empty glass to the bartender .

To be continued .


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