Roman THE SEXUAL DESIRES. chapitre Chapitre 4

With that said , Aiden out of the blue reached out and crushed his lips over mine and thou l was not expecting it as soon as l felt his lips move on mine , l instantly responded . This wasn't the real me but since the wine was already on my head it made me hornier and l acted differently . With our tongues dancing in to each other's mouth , l felt his fingers run and slowly massage in between my thighs . Since l was already in the short black dress l had worn for Lucas , it gave him more access to my inner thighs . We went on with kissing ourselves shamelessly because with the music blaring in the entire club , most couples were dancing as they kissed their partners .

" F**k me and make me feel the way a woman should be treated " , Already feeling better l half moaned half whispered when his lips trailed down on my neck . " You don't need to say anything else " , He groaned out and before l could utter out any word , he all of the sudden reached out and stood up then shockingly carried me in a bridal style off the stool .

" Err ! Aide ..... " , Not expecting it , l immediately squeaked out in a soft voice . " Nothing to worry about , l just want you to feel what you have done to me in just a few minutes " , He responded to me as he walked me out of the club and for heaven's sake he was right , l could feel his hot boner against my hips .

'' where are we going ?'', l asked as soon as we were out of the club . '' At my place '', He said then l realized that there was a black BMW already waiting for him , for us whatever it was just hearing him say at his place made the excitement and adrenaline to take over my entire body .

" Just one night , just one night Erinna '', My inner part kept warning me but still l argued with it and when his driver opened up the door of his car , my heart began to beat a little bit faster than before . This was my first time to be with another man and l was only used to Lucas and my other part was telling me to just leave him . With this thought in my head when he placed me down on the ground , l thought about running from him but then with the wine on my head , l reached out and instead entered in the car .

As soon as l sat properly in the car , surprisingly also Aiden scooted in after talking to his valet . l was expecting him to sit in front but then still he chose the seat next to me . " Thinking about what is going to happen next , right ? " , Just as l was lost in my thoughts , my eyes instantly snapped open when l heard him ask already close to me .

" Ahh ...... It's nothing serious " , l stuttered out before l began to pull my dress a bit down to cover at least my thighs . Since this was my first time , l was a bit frightened and currently with nothing to do l began to fiddle with my fingers . '' Just leave it like that , you torturing me for heaven's sake '' , When l pulled the dress down again , l heard him groan out and this made me turn and look at him . " Aum .... I .... " , Just as l wanted to say something , my words immediately died in my mouth when he out of the blue crashed his lips on mine .

Thou l was shy before as soon as he did smash his lips on mine , l instantly lost it all . It was like my body system had been activated and without any minute wasted , l pushed my tongue inside his mouth . '' Oh hell! yeah '', I thought inwardly in my head as l felt his tongue also invade inside my mouth , fighting for dominance but then l wasn't ready to give up .

I did fight for the dominance in a way that was undescribable and as the kiss heated up, he reached out and moved his hands down my waist then carried me over his lap . This was honestly the start of me , already on fire , l grinded my burning core on his boner as l danced my tongue inside his mouth .

With his hands on my waist , he also helped me grind him and with my clit throbbing , l did as much as l could to rub it against his jean clad rock hard d**k . At this time l felt like pushing my lace thong on one side and let him enter in my wet p***y hardly and secondly l wished he could just move his fingers down my belly button to my p***y and he realizes how f*****g ready l was for him .

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