Roman THE SEXUAL DESIRES. chapitre Chapitre 5

" Uhmmm am taking that as a yes " , when l failed to reply sooner , he reached out and murmured and at that l sighed inwardly happy that I was saved but still that didn't change anything because when he blew up a warm breath on my exposed pink p***y lips , a gasp instantly fall out of my mouth . This was all new to me and every thing he did made me ask myself whether it was a surreal or reality .

" l like the smell of your p***y " , He mumbled and that made my p***y muscles to quiver in excitement . Shy and naive , l didn't know what word to reply to him . " Ahh ..... My goodness " , As soon as he sticked his tongue out and ran it over my p***y lips , l gasped before l bit my lower tongue . God I didn't know how to react . " You so fucking delicious " , He groaned out again and before l could think of what to reply to him , my mouth instantly fall open when he out of the blue pulled my thighs more closer the thing which brought my p***y at the edge of his face .

With my eyes down at him , l shyly watched him and after having my p***y near his face , he reached out and ran his tongue tip across my swollen pink c**t . " Ohhh ..... my goodnes ! " , I immediately moaned out at that and when l felt his tongue tip apply more pressure on my swollen pink c**t , l became thoughtless. This was my first time and feeling him suck my c**t , l felt like melting down .

" You taste like strawberries " , He groaned out after skimming his tongue against my sensitive c**t . " Yes ssss .... Oh ! My goodness .... " , My breath quickened up and moans screamed out of my mouth at their own accord when l felt him retract his tongue and gave my c**t a good long quick lick . He repeated this move like three times and every time he did , l kept on biting my lower lip as l gyrated my p***y over his mouth .

After a good couple of minutes , lastly his tongue skimmed around and then quickly entered inside my p***y hole , this sudden change and the feeling of his tongue tip inside my p***y hole i'mmediately made my hazel eyes to gape open and my toes to curl . " That's it baby girl , l want to hear say my name ..... You taste so damn good ". He growled after bringing his tongue out of my p***y slick hole . . " Yes .... " , l cried out in pleasure .Even his dirty words were making my swollen c**t to pulsate more furiously than I could even describe it .

And when he plunged his tongue tip back in my slick hole , this time l reached out and shoved my fingers in to his hair , the thing which brought his mouth more closer and closer to my dripping wet p***y . God , l didn't know whether this was right or wrong but whatever it was l wanted to feel more and with that, l gripped his head more tighter as l panted out " Yes Aiden ..... ahhh f**k that feels good " , l kept on moaning as his tongue lapped my juices , did a tour around my p***y opening and also rubbed and sucked my bud . He was so good and skilled that for a moment l inwardly asked myself how the hell l was going to feel with his d**k buried deep in my p***y .

" Oh ! Fucking yes ..... Yes you so damn sweet ..... " , He also groaned out before removing his tongue out of my p***y hole . Just as l was about to whimper at the loss , his two long fingers immediately replaced his tongue . " Aiden ... mmmm .... ahhh ..... Yes ...oh ! F**k " , Screams escaped out of my mouth as l felt him finger f**k me .

" C*m for me .... C*m for me darling " , My body reacted more when he mumbled that . With my o***m building up in my body , it honestly felt like a dream , it was my first time to feel this way " Yes ss ....." , With his words , l didn't need to be told twice and with a few thrusts , my juices practically poured out of my p***y entrance . " Ahh ..... .. my goodness .... " , I gasped out in disbelief . He was honestly the best , better than Lucas .

He surprisingly didn't stop finger f*****g me helping me to ride out of my high . When he lastly noticed that l was okay , he removed my leg from his shoulder and placed it back on the ground . " My g ... " , Just as l was about to talk , my words i'mmediately died in my mouth when he all of the sudden crashed his lips against mine .

With our tongues fighting for dominance in each other's mouth , he groaned out and he began to kick off his shoes , l also did the same but then as I was kicking off my right high heel with a loud erotic grunt , he all of the sudden reached out and carried me off the ground . Witg my eyes on his Adam's apple , l didn't say anything until when l felt him place me down on his king sized bed . With our current position , Aiden's clothed hard boner was pressing against my wet p***y . " Ohh .... Mmm ! " , Feeling it I writhed out in pleasure beneath him before spreading up my legs more wide open inorder to feel his hot boner against my p***y lips . .

" Burning already " , He chuckled when he realized what l was after . " Mmmm " , l shly looked away and smiling mischievously , he stood up and then took off his shirt . " Uhmm " , As soon as I had a glimpse of his chest l immediately fall speechless . The man was devilishly built up with rock hard abs , muscled shoulders and a hairy firm chest . " Take a pic it will last longer " , Just as l was staring , he reached out and whispered in my ear while chuckling before palming my breast . " Shout louder Los Angeles has not heard you " , l chuckled too . " You so full of your self " , l continued while biting my lower lip . " Say it again " , He mumbled but this time with something different in his eyes and that honestly made me to tremble .


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