Roman THE SEXUAL DESIRES. chapitre Chapitre 6

" uhmmm .... Sorry for that " , Seeing the color of his words , l instantly stuttered out an apology . " The soreness in between your legs will prove that " , He responded but then shockingly with a mischievous grin on his face . " What does that mean ? " , I didn't actually ask that out , l only wondered inwardly in my mind and when I lastly processed what he meant a blush instantly creeped on my face .

Trembling wasn't needed . Just because I was only used to the selfish Lucas l didn't know that the man's eyes could turn with want and desire evident in them . Lucas had never looked at me in that way and with his eyes watching me with lust , l felt wanted , l was like an angel beneath him . " So beautiful " , Just as I was still in my thoughts , he mumbled in a low voice with a mischievous grin on his and seeing him like this made me to blush more . " Pink is my best color " , He continued in a low growl and realization hit me that he was talking about my pink cheeks . I didn't respond to him until l heard him unzip his trouser and for heaven's sake as soon as I had a glimpse of his boner , my eyes i'mmediately snapped more open .

The large bulge behind his underwear was almost bursting through the material . " This is what you have made my man to become " , He growled in a deep husky voice before he took off his boxers , setting it free . " Oh ! My goodness ..... " , A gasp fall out of my mouth i'mmediately when l lastly saw it , l honestly couldn't believe it when l had a glimpse of his rock hard veiny c**k .

Right it was not my first time , to see a man's c**k but for heaven's sake , the man had a c**k . It was not only long but also more bigger than Lucas's d**k . With that size l was now afraid wondering whether it would fit in my p***y , l had a feeling that it was going to tear my p***y apart . " Afraid ain't we ? " , He sensed my fear and he asked out of the sudden as he lay on top of me .

"Uhmm ... Yes ... But am still am ready , just take me " , The words tumbled out of my mouth with out my approval and after processing them , l instantly began to shy around . " Like this side " , he chuckled before he covered my lips with his . With this my body reacted quickly and after kissing ourselves for a good couple of minutes , l felt him slowly and romantically trail his lips down my neck which l gallantly slanted to give him more access to my neck until when his lips flowed down on my breasts .

Through out the heated up moment , l kept moaning out softly and his rock hard monstrous c**k which was lying hot on my lower stomach was making me to feel more wet and the more my p***y pulsated , the more l found it unbearable . " Oh ! My god just take me .... take me right now " , Thou he was currently licking and sucking on my bouncy breasts like strawberries , l still inwardly felt that it was not enough .

Sadly with no response he went on with licking my nipples . With this l found myself with in the next couple of minutes writhing and clamping my legs around his waist urging him to enter me but unfortunately he still resisted . " Am telling myself that it is only one night but feeling you with your legs spread out wide , with your sweet scented p***y ready to be taken , am finding it difficult to bear up with it " , He half growled before nipping at my black nipples .

" LoL .....just take me ... am ready " , Even aftee seeing the size of his c**k , l writhed out more before I arched up my back , pushing my bouncy breasts and nipples in to his hot moist cave of his mouth . " Oh ! God Aiden .... Please fuck me right now .... I want to have your c**k buried in my fucking p***y " , when the burning between my thighs became so unbearable , l whimpered out while pushing my soft wet p**"y against his rock hard c**k , urging him to enter inside .

I whimpered out again and again until when Aiden lastly lost control of his body and slammed in to my fucking wet p***y , the thing which made of us to groan out in pleasure . " Ahhh.... " , As soon as he pushed himself fully in my p***y , a loud erotic cry instantly escaped out of my mouth . Right this is what l was whimpering out for but honestly , his c**k was so big and monstrous that l didn't only feel pain but also felt like l was burning down to ashes . " ahhh .... It hurts " , l cried out again when he thusted himself out then slammed back in my p***y . " I Know it , l feel how tight you are " , He growled in my ear as he pushed his length inch by inch and every time he did push in my p***y , l bit my lower lip in my pain . He was painfully stretching me for heaven's sake .


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