Ciara was in the large living room, performing her usual finger magic on her system's keyboard, with her gaze fixated on its screen.

She did not notice the man who had just entered, or maybe she did notice him but decided not to acknowledge his presence and continued with her work.

The man stared at her for quite a moment, his intense gaze seems like it was piercing deeply into her skin. He said nothing nor moved away from his position.

Ciara felt the gaze was too intense and heating her up. “What is it?” She suddenly asked, still not sparing him a glance. “You are staring too much, it's creepy, and it's making my skin to crawl.”

He scoffs at her words as he finds them offensive. “Your skin to crawl, eh?” He repeated huskily, with a trail of mock in his voice. “I see…"

Ciara wanted to ignore his presence, but she just could not, no matter how much she tried to. “Did you have anything you want to say?” She muttered in questioning, her voice far from friendly, giving him a quick glance. “Or maybe, you just decide to stand, hovering over me for no reason?”

“And what if, eh?” He replied nonchalantly with a question instead, probably he intended to anger her.

“Well, your presence is distracting, yeah. As you can see, I'm busy here. I'll need no interruption, Ryan —not even from you.” She told him plainly, her choice of tone saying it all. “You know what that means, don't you?”

The guy, whose name turns out to be Ryan, laughed lightly. “Ah, yeah. Of course…" He nodded his head curtly. “I do, you don't need to say much. Alright?”

“If you can excuse me, then…" She said in a drawling tone, expecting him to excuse her, as she has expected.

“I'm afraid I can't.” His voice was plain and as well as still as water too.

Ciara suddenly raised her head up. “You can't, eh?” She felt the mock in her voice, her gaze now fixated on him. “Why —?”

She couldn't help but wonder why he likes taunting her, can't he just let her breath normal —even if it's just for a day?

For the past few months, she had thought she would adapt to his nonchalant attitude and get use to him as the day rolls by, but soon, she was forced to realize her thoughts were nothing but mirage.

This man —he would never stop getting on her nerves. This minutes, he would treat her like she never exists and the next minute, he would be on her neck.

After a few seconds of silence which felt like forever, he managed to break the silence with his cold voice. “Wait here, I'll be right back.” He told her.

Ciara felt the coldness in her voice hit her in the guts, and before she could reply to him, he was out of her sight, already racing through the stair.

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