Ciara doesn't know the reason behind it, but she finds herself laughing out loud at his sudden command. Wait, what was he taking her for? His maid he could just order around to do things as his will?

Well, if that is what his thinking is —then he is mistaken, she won't do things because he wanted her to or allow him boss her around like he owns her.

“What's funny…?” She heard him almost thundering, cutting her off her sudden laughter. Ciara did not notice the hard glare on his face that was being fixated on her, he was red with anger. “Why are you laughing? You find what I just said to you amusing, isn't it?”

Her face was blank like she was not laughing a few moments before, as she stared down at the ball pen in her hand instead of replying to him or saying anything.

She pressed some few buttons on her system and shut it close like she was exiting his sight, leaving his question hanging.

Her attitude did hit a hard spot on Ryan as he finds her offensive, did she not hear him? Why is she not saying anything? The more he thought about it, the more his annoyance grow.

“You don't keep quiet when I ask you a question, woman…!” This time, he was thundering, the glaciers in his eyes seemed too noticeable like they were blinding his own sight.

His anger would make anyone around him cower back into their shell, but definitely not Ciara, she only stares at him like nothing did happened.

Maybe it was because she's been used to his anger or perhaps not —either which way, she could only blink her lashes continuously at him.

“Stop testing my patience, I won't be good on you this time…" He told her in a deep and rough voice, it was vibrating too. “...if this is what you are trying to do.”

“Well, I don't know what you are talking about.” She muttered under inaudibly with a slight shoulder shrug.

“Yeah, you do know what I'm talking about.” He muffled out, heaving out a deep sigh, a heavy silence taking over the atmosphere.

Ciara had thought he was playing a prank on her and maybe since it did not work on her, he decided to let go —if only she knew he was serious with her.

“How do I say this to your understanding, woman?” Ryan hissed with frustration, still glaring at the woman before him as he breaks the thick silence yet again.

“There is nothing to say, Ryan —there isn't…" She muttered in reply, returning the same vibe as his. “I can't accept whatever thing you are saying nor what is written on the papers, okay?”

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