Ryan could only watch her leave his sight after throwing the document at him, her face crumpled down in a disapproving frown.

“You can't force me to do things against my will. I'm sorry, but your silly threat can't move me…" She had told him before leaving, stomping her foot away.

A deep but low grunt escaped his throat as he clenched his fist tightly, gritting his teeth in anger. “How dare her?” He growled under his breath, more like speaking to himself.

He was angry —no, he was in rage, and he felt like his anger would take over him soon. How did the table turn against him in a snap of a finger, eh?

Did he not threaten her enough, or maybe he threatened her more than he was supposed to? Ryan thought, his mind was clouded in confusion.

He badly wants to end everything with her, but she's making it seems hard, like there is a big deal in it, but to him, he found none.

“…Why try to breach the contract midway for no reason?..” Her voice rang loudly in his ears. Who cares whether he's trying to breach the contract or not? No one and he doesn't either.

‘It's my decision, yeah. Why does it matter to anyone?’ He muttered under his breath, his fuzzy mind setting out to think through of a way to make her do as he had planned.

He could not wait any longer, he wanted her gone as soon as she can. He had married her on contract because he needed to buy himself out urgently, but now that he felt it was all settled, he needed her no more?

After several minutes of battling with his inner self, he just couldn't come up with anything good thing to hold on with. She has no weak state —not the one he knows of, he could have threatened her with, and she doesn't seem like she's ready to see reasons with him.

‘How am I to go about her?’ He thought with in himself, running his fingers through his hair and ruffling it, too.

Ryan thought the best way was if he keeps ringing it in her, she might think he was not being serious with her —to him, his persistence would prove he was not joking with her from the start.

Seeing that there weren't any better thoughts to it, he decided in settling for it without thinking twice about it —well, he needed not to think twice.


Night fell quicker than expected and a few hours had passed, Ciara was expecting he will still come to her but was surprised not to see him, she concluded that maybe he had gone to sleep or possibly he is still in the living room ‘cause it's too early for Ryan to go to bed. Like an owl, he barely sleeps at night and if he does —it's only for a few hours.

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