Over the few years, she had tried all she can, to fix him up with other ladies, arranging him up for a numerous blind dates on different occasions, however, none of them turned well as she had pictured them to be —her only son is really obstinate.

Now, seeing him getting real well with Ciara, she felt as if she has seen the dextral lady she's been on the lookout for him —and without hesitation, she's ready to set them up together like she's been doing with other ladies.

This time, she simply wants to be believing she is not wrong this time else, she will be left with no other option but to accept Anne as her son has desired. No, the thought of it make her skin crawl.

“Earlier today, I saw how he was doing well around you…" Ryan's mother began, drawling her tone. “—well, I must commend your skills because it's really rare to see Ryan getting acquainted with someone he doesn't even know.”

How does she explain what the older woman is trying to nail at? Should she explain her words as just everyday phrase, or it's supposed to settled with her as a compliment? That was Ciara's jumbled thoughts, staring at the older lady.

Ciara, not knowing the best reply to such a phrase, ended up smiling at her words instead —a kind of rare smile she barely gave anyone aside her patients.

“Just as Dr. Sebastian had told me, you are really good at what you do.” She told her, probably to earn a reaction from her, but Ciara kept her face aside her previous smile.

“Well, ma'am —I'm only been dedicated to work.” Ciara cited, switching to her usual tone as an expert in her field. “—I only decided to give it all my all since it has been my passion since I was a kid.”

“Oh, I see…" Ryan's mother mouthed slowly. “Maybe that was why Dr. Sebastian referred to you as one of his best nurses —no, he straightforwardly told me you are his best nurse, that was why he put in charge of Ryan.”

“I'm flattered, ma'am…" Ciara mumbled coyly, tucking her hair behind her ears with her head bowed to hide her facial expression.

She always receives much compliments and praises from her patients, mostly from their families, for her good work. However, she has never received so many praise from just one person in just a tiny space of time.

‘How do I digest this?’ She warily asked herself, giving the older lady a narrow but barely noticeable stare. She was starting to suspect something was about or was already going on but managed to look oblivious.

“You don't have to be flattered, I barely expect such from an expert like you, Ciara…" Ryan's mother uttered, wearing an unreadable expression on her face.

‘Here we go again with her flattering…’ Ciara whined within herself, a sudden realization hitting her. ‘Wait, did she just refer to me by name?’

Well, on second thought, she ought to know her name —every of her patients does know her name and besides, the doctor must have told the older lady one or two things about her.

“Likewise myself, ma'am. I did not expect such number of praises from anyone in a matter of few minutes.” Ciara cited, returning the same vibe as the older lady.

Ryan's mother nodded her head slowly, like she's being thoughtful. “Oh, I get.” She stated simply. “You really must not have gotten used to it, have you?”

Ciara felt she had had enough of her flattered and sweet words. She did not call her here just to sprout out all this to her, did she?

There ought to have been something important for such an arranged meet between both of them —no busy person wastes time like this and not other people's too, right?

Ciara, with the thought of having no much time to waste anymore, decides to hit the nail on it head —the earlier they discuss the reasons for the meet up, the earlier is her chance of getting home at the time she ought to.

“I supposed you did not invite me here to discuss the nature of my job and how competent I am, do you ma'am?” Ciara uttered airily, however, careful not to sound rude.

A small smug smile crept up the older lady's lips. “I see you are also clever too.” She commented, her smile doesn't seem like it was disappearing anytime soon. “Well, you are right, we aren't here to discuss petty things. I'm sorry, you must have felt uncomfortable with my numerous talks.”

Ciara shook her head slowly in a negative response. “Not at all, ma'am.” She stated, lightening her face up. “—you aren't.”

“I'm relieved to hear this from you. So, let's get to the main discussion then…" Ryan's mother trailed off as she opened her drawer and brought out a neatly documented file, placing it on the desk between them afterward.

Ciara was slightly confused, seeing the file but shrugged the thought off. Mere staring at the document and even though still in its initial condition, Ciara was able to tell it had been a while in her drawer.

Aren't things like this confidential and meant for business purposes? Why is then she suddenly presenting it before her?

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