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Jada was equally angry, and her emotions were palpable.

"Mate is cheating on us, and I hate him," she said to me, her voice full of venom.

"We don't need him."

I replied, trying to convince myself, because my first encounter with my mate had been unpleasant.

"How could he flaunt his mistress shamelessly in public, he is not a good man," I said to my wolf.

"The power radiating from him told me that he was an alpha."

"I don't care if he is an alpha or not, to me he is an asshole. My wolf angrily said to me.

I tried to make small talk with my friends. pretending that everything was okay, but I was crushed inside.

Who was this handsome devil who had broken my heart on the first day of meeting him?

Jada was so angry that she wanted to jump on the girl in his arms and rip off her head.

"I told you, Jada, that we don't need him, look at him, he is happy in the arms of another woman."

"That's why he never looked for us." it hurt to see

him with another woman but let's forget him now Jada. "

"let's focus rather on our plans to reclaim our pack from that wicked man, now that we've been exposed," Jada said to me and she was right.

"I can see someone has found her mate" Bruce said to me and Almira opened her mouth wide in shock."

"is that him Lauren" she asked and I nodded.

"Girl go and let your presence known, you are supposed to be in his arms not that lady?" Almira said to me.

The bad friend chipped in. Guys I don't need him, I don't need a man like that in my life I said to them.

"Baby girl, you can pretend to everyone that you are not hurt but I know you are hurt."

"And it is normal," Bruce said to me.

am not hurt Bruce, am okay.

"Damn your mate is hot and he looks like some badass Alpha," Amira said.

"keep lying to yourself that you are not hurt by your badass mate Lauren," he said to me.

I turned my head only to see my mate staring at me intensely with no emotions."

Why is he staring at me?

To make me happy Bruce decided to take me and Almira to another shop.

I'm not a typical tomboy, even though I adore dresses.

But there's something about slipping into a pair of male outfits that makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

And this time, I decided to go shopping for dresses.

A helpful attendant noticed us when we stepped into the shop and offered assistance.

I fell in love with a white dress with a v-neck and open back instantly I set my eyes on it.

even Bruce approved my choice.

We all found our outfits and left with shopping bags.

It was a great experience shopping with friends, it made me forget what I saw earlier.

Stepping into the big hall of our pack where parties are held.

I walked in with my elder brother Jack, everyone turned their neck to see us.

my brother is a gorgeous man who hardly stays in our pack, most females wish he was their mate or boyfriend.

But said he would only wait for his mate.

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