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I was sitting confidently behind a dark, brown desk made of mahogany wood in a very fancy office, exuding an air of self-assured authority.

I knew people admired my strong, chiselled jawline and piercing, confident eyes.

Today, I dressed impeccably in a tailored suit that accentuated my broad shoulders and lean physique.

That's what Alphas should dress like. Suits that convey both power and sophistication.

Sitting across from me is my trusted friend and beta, Hunter.

Hunter asked me, "Dude, are you thinking of going back to the cross-river pack for your mate or what?"

"I'm confused as to why my mate was bullied for not having her wolf.

Despite this, I felt her strong power and the information I have here says She is also a warrior and an excellent fighter.

Yet they claim she has no wolf - although I sensed otherwise and I feel she may be hiding something.

I strongly believe she is an Alpha," I said to Hunter.

"To get to know her, you need to get close to her.

Remember to treat her well and show her love when we visit their pack again.

You cannot run away from her because she has no wolf, she is your mate and you have to make the time to get to know her."

Hunter advised.

He is right, I have to know her well.

Ever since I returned from the Cross River Pack, I haven't been myself.

The thought of my mate has taken over all my sense of reasoning.

I have a heap of files to attend to, but here I am thinking about a girl I don't even know.

After Hunter left, I wanted to concentrate on my work, but I found myself constantly distracted by thoughts of my mate.

I heard a knock on my door and I already knew who it was, because I could smell her from here, "Come in Freya"

"Hi babe"

"Alpha, Freya, I am your alpha, not your babe."

"We are alone! So what is wrong if I call you babe?"

She walked to my side seductively.

I could smell her arousal from a distance and this made my dick hard even before she touch me.

I knew that's because I hadn't touched myself for a long time. I've been too busy.

She pushed my chair backwards so that she could position herself between my legs.

She sat on me and started playing with my nipples and kissing my neck at the same time.

This is the destruction I need, she took my manhood into her mouth.

While she was sucking me, I was imagining, it was my beloved mate.

I would only show my passion to someone I love. Freya not included.

"You are an asshole logan," my wolf said in my head.

"Don't tell me you are not enjoying it?" I asked Sabastine my wolf.

"I don't need these sluts, I want to be buried inside our mate not your pack whore.

I pushed him to the back of my head otherwise he would end up ruining the moment.

I put her on my desk, dropping some files on the floor but I didn't care.

I buried my big manhood in her and I saw the satisfaction on her face.

I pounded into her till I came. I know what I did is wrong but that's what I need at the moment.

"Alpha, can you please drive me to the mall?" Freya asked me after she was satisfied.

Freya has been my friend since our teenage years, and she has helped me in many ways.

She is someone I cherish so I hardly say no to her. For now, we are just using each other.

I believe she knows that whatever sexual relationship we have, there is nothing more attached to it.

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