Roman The warrior Luna chapitre Chapitre 6


A handsome guy was watching me curiously, I saw the confusion on his face, I don't know what he was curious about but I didn't want to know.

“You are very pretty the guy said to me, I am Hunter he introduced himself”

“I am Lauren.”

nice to finally meet you Luna” with a smile on his face and gave me a wink.

I think am going to like this guy, with a smile I followed him to where my supposed mate is.

I walked towards the most beautiful man present at the party who was leaning against a window in the corridor.

"would you consider our mate bond baby?" he asked me through mind link, staring deep into my eyes.

I was shocked he asked so directly, I took in a breath out of excitement but before I could answer him, the lady I saw him with at the mall, from nowhere rushed to him.

“Baby I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

My head started spinning at that moment, I didn't want to break down in front of so many people even though the people were far from us.

That wasn't all, she kissed him again and remained in his embrace, the two of them holding hands.

Is this what he wanted me to see?

Did he call me out here to see the public display of affection between him and his girl?

tears welled up in my eyes, I didn't want to cry but the tears streamed freely from my eyes, how could he do this to me?

I thought he was trying to consider the mate bond, what an asshole.

"Lauren, am sorry for encouraging you to talk to him, he doesn't deserve our love."

let's just forget about him." my wolf said to me, I Know he said that out of anger but.

A growl nearly escaped my lips which wasn't intentional the moment I saw that bitch still holding hands with my mate. I walked slowly towards them, the steps I took towards them were so difficult for me as if someone was holding my legs.

What I felt at the mall was nothing compared to this.

I couldn't hear that my voice was shaking when I tried to talk, he frowned at first and then turned to the lady.

“Freya, excuse my mate and I. That’s not what is expected. let me deal…”

“I Lauren Hackman, reject you, alpha Logan Blake, as my mate."

I didn't let him finish what he was trying to say and I didn't listen to the words he said to her.

"it has been less than 24 hours since I know you as my mate but you've already broken my heart, twice, I don't need you in my life alpha Logan,” I said to him and I left the party venue.

I walked through the lone road with tears streaming down my face, I didn't see a single soul on the road which was in my favour, I didn't want anyone to see me in this situation.

"Lauren am sorry for pushing you to meet him."

"I didn't know it would turn out this way, please forgive me." Jada said, I know she is hurt too, she has been quiet all this while.

"It is not your fault Jada," I said to my wolf, I don't want her to blame herself for what happened.

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