Roman Trash one chapitre Chapitre 5

A guy came inside the hall. Coincidentally he was the one who's pursuing a love for Angela a guy with prominent family background. He is Charles Wilson from the Wilson Family.

His family is well known in the whole Eastblue city. Wilson has a strong connections with the most influential family across the city. Wilson are much wealthier than the Winston family.

"What a coincidence, how come you're here!" Alice Winston excitedly welcomed Charles.

"I came here because Uncle Drake invited me tho." Charles replied with a wide smile.

"The reason why I agreed to come here is not only for uncle Drake's invitation, but also I came here to offer my sincerity and respect towards to you Grandma."

Alice's smile went wide like a 180° angle.

"Also Grandma I came here and I'd like to propose a marriage proposal to your Granddaughter Angela, as you all know that I really love her and I'm inlove with her since we were a child."

Angela and Charles is indeed childhood friends. But she's always turning Charles down, and she didn't pay much attention to him, as everyone witnessed that she's always rejecting him.

When he heard that Angela is getting married he's disappointed, and couldn't do it anything about it because of the previous patriarchs arrangements. He couldn't accept the fact that the one who married hus beloved woman was just an ordinary guy who has no background a just a nobody who's good for nothing.

"Now that I have a power, I can do whatever I want. Of course I can help you build your reputation and help you business go higher again Grandma."

"Yes you are! I'm gladly no, we'll be happy and accept your proposal." With a wide smile, Alice was excited about it.

"By the way, she already married to useless man. Can you help me about it?" Charles wanted Angela to divorce Jate.

"Of course we can help you about that!" Alice said.

The entire family in the hall supported Charles.

"Yeah, Angela you should divorce him already, he's just an useless piece of trash how could you lived your life with him? you'll just suffer if you remained on his side."

Charles headed straight to the table where Angela and Jate was. With cold gaze as he pointed his finger at Jate. "Is this the guy you've married? Divorce him now, I can promise you that I will give you a better life than this guy who cannot afford to give you."

Angela's face turned red in anger. But Jate suddenly slapped Charles's hand. "Don't you dare touch my wife." Jate said coldly as he grabbed his hand.

How could Jate grabbed his precious hand? Not just that, Charles couldn't get off his hand from Jate's grip.

"Let me go, you bastard!..." Then suddenly Jate released his hand, due to a strong force getting off Charles fell off the floor.

"How dare you bastard! " Charles face darkened as he want to punch Jate's face.

But Angela interfere and said. "Stop it now, I wont divorced my husband."

Everyone who heard her fell silent. Then a deafing roar with an disdain looks on Alice Winston heard.

"What did you just say? Are out of your mind? How could you still choose this good for nothing than your own family?".

"Of course, I know what I said!" Angela replied firmly.

" I don't want to divorced Angela either, I love her, I don't care whatever you want to say. For the fast years after grandpa passed away, I witnessed how you humiliated Angela, of course it's because of money, and greed right?"

The entire crowd became silent.

"You think you are deserved and welcomd to this family? Get lost I don't want your to see your face here." Alice retorted.

Jate gaze became colder. He holds Angela's hand before leaving but Alice interfered. "If you dare to leave with him, Winston family will exiled and cut of our support to your family now." Alice said with disdain looks on her face.

Jate holds her tightly and said. "Stay here this just a meeting after all, well talk later."

Those words mades Angela's heart became softer as she felt uneasy. A small smile found on her tiny red lips appeared. She's now getting interested on him because of this.

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