Roman Trash one chapitre Chapitre 6

The guards continuesly mock Jate their new boss. Hence his expressions becoming coldly, then finally a moment later a gorgeous woman wearing an formal attire, came out on the building.

She is Celine Young. A head secretary appointed by the Head of the Company, grandfather of Jate Woods. Her skills are outstanding maybe on par comparable to the CEO of the any company.

She was a successful company owner but later on, Her company is completely destroyed by the members of her own board of committees. Because some members of the boards are corrupts that resulted to total breakdown of her own company.

She owes a huge favor from Jate, if Jate didnt help her that time, she will be imprisoned for life or would be dead by now. Her company have a huge debt, as she didn't know how can she pay that large amount of money that time.

Fortunately Jate has an eye on her and admired her because of her outstanding skills in business. So he decided and get someone to investigate what happen to her then later on, he found out what was happened to her company.

That time Jate went to her place and proposed to work with him.

Celine were surprised becaused the guy in front of her was the young master of the top wealthiest family in the world. She couldn't believe that someone from a well known family is willing to help her.

"Y yu You! I know you!... Mr. Woods!."?. Celine said with trembling voice.. "Why are the young master of the top wealthiest family in the world are here?." Jate was famous back then. Then suddenly disappeared without a trace for the passed seven years. His own family hid it no one knows what happened.

He smiled. "I know what happened to you." Celine almost cried when she heard those words.

"I'm a failure I couldn't even protect my own company. Im just a failure! Im just a failure. Thosebastards I will make sure that they will regret and pay for their doings." As she cried out loud.

Jate felt sympathy when he heard those words.. "You want a revenge?"

Celine didn't hesitate "Yes yes! I want to pay, and regret, and know the consequences of their actions." She replied.

"You know! I can help you."

She immediately looked up and glanced to Mr. Woods's glooming face then she came forward and knelted down in front of him. "Rr r re really?"

"But in three condition." Sa he raised his three fingers.

"Ye...y y yes yes Mr. Woods, what is it!? I'm willing to do anything tonmeet your conditions even if it's millions of conditions you want, even if you want my life I'm willing to gave it up to you." She answered honestly without a doubt.

Jate immediately said what is his first condition. "Come and work under my company. I admired and impressed with your skills, I hoped that you wont disappoint me.."

Celine were stunned, when she heard those words, and quickly answered. "Yes yes Mr. Woods! I'm willing, I'm willing,. I will do the best that I can to work under your company!"

"Then it's a deal." Jate words completely stunned Celine.

"You wanted a revenge right? Then its settled. Come to my office tomorrow morning!"

"Yes yes Mr. Woods!... How about my debt-..... Jate immediately crossed his index finger on her tiny red lips of Celine.

Then he whispered in her ears. Saying that. "Don't worry it will be settled at the right time."

When celine is ready to go at Mr. Woods company she suddenly heard a flash news on the television that there was a mass murder incident last night.

When she's looking closely at the TV It suddenly appeard the names of the victims. She's completely in shocked when she saw the names of the victims. She's completely confused who's behind these incedent. The victims are the members of the board of committee who distroyed her company. Then she suddenly remembered Mr. Woods words yesterday. She felt relieved that her revenged was completely granted, in just a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile a message alert rang her phone, when she opens her phone and read the message, she's stunned. Her expressions couldn't explain, it is a message from the bank and says. "your debt has been completely paid, thank you!" She couldn't believed that Mr. Woods has one word. If he said he will do it, he will do it no matter what it is.

She prepared everything she needs and meet Mr. Woods, she's very nervous as she drived her car away and went to Mr. Woods place, when she arrived at the entrance of the building she immediately entered and rush towards Mr. Woods office, his office is located at top of the floor, and it has occupied the entire floor on the top.

The building consisted a 200 floors, it is the tallest building in entire continent located at Northblue city. It is almost touching the sky, its like skyscraper building.

After few minutes at the elevator, she arrived at the top floor. Behind that door, is Mr. Woods main office. She was very nervous.

His office sorrounded with glass walls and covered some curtains on it. Outside his office there was an two separate table, a table for secretary, and a table for assistant secretary.

When she arrived at the top floor she saw a gorgeous and elegant young lady wearing an formal attire sitting on the assisstant secretary table. Her name is Nicka Smith,. She stands up and walk towards on Ms. Celine.

"Are you Ms. Celine?" She asked.

"Yes I am." Celine replied confidently.

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