Roman Trash one chapitre Chapitre 7

The guards and Kyla didn't know what to do, they are completely confused about what Celine's actions towards this beggar. Why is she so respectful towards him what potion did he used to tame the so called "monster Celine."

Celine is being called for her infamous title "Monster Celine" she's known for her cruelty, that whoever dares to offend her would definitely crippled permanently. The last person she crippled were in state of coma right now even if it has already eight months passed. What a monster.

Then suddenly Celine turned back and glared on those two. Her eyes became sharp as sword, Ms. Kyla and Mr. Lawson's face turned pale, sweating, and their whole body were shaking, their confident legs recently became jelly as soft as slime.

"You two!" Celine blurted out. "Do you know what you've done? Do you know who is this man in front of you? Do you think you can survived after this?"

"This man in front of you is the new owner of this company! The new owner of this company! Don't you understand now? Did you realized now what you've done?"

Celine's anger became angier even more. The two of them startled, and tears already coming out of their eyes, as they don't know what to do now. The only way to solve this crisis they immediately slap thier faces, and started apologizing and begging for mercy.

They crawled towards Mr. Woods and begging for his mercy towards them, but its too late, can they really be forgiven?

"It's my fault I failed to recognized you Mr. Woods, I'm willing to accept any punishment that satisfies you, and I will definitely obey your words Mr. Woods." Kyla said with trembling voice. She's so desperate now she's willing to gave up everything and swallow her pride right away.

On the other side Mr. Lawson spoke of. "I'm so sorry Mr. Woods I didn't mean to do it and I've failed my job to protect this company with my own behavior I've ruined it, I deserved an punishment that satisfies you Mr. Woods. I'm willing to do anything what you wished for." He said with trembling deep voice.

Then Jate walk towards in front of them. "Well then, You are fired!" Hearing his words, the two of them completely stunned and struck with lightning stike from above. They couldn't move every single part of their body. This job is very important to them.

Celine were completely stunned too. Then a few seconds had passed. Celine immediately spoke a words to defend them. "Mr. Woods you can't just fired them like that."

"What do you mean." Jate replied coldly.

"Sir. Please allow me to explain."

"Then go ahead if that didn't convince me I will kill them right away."

Jate has a two different temperament first is soft hearted, and the second is cruel.

"Mr. Woods, Ms. Kyla has an outstanding skills interms of recruiting, accepting skilled empoyees, most of our outstanding employees were recruited and accepted by her. She worked professionally, no one can compare to her here in this city. She may be stubborn but I can assured you that she has a trustworthy person..."

"The next man beside her is Mr. Lawson, his field of specialization is on combat and securing this company's safety. He has professionally trained in combat, on the other hand he is an ex. Captain of the U.S Marine combat corps. He resigned his job for this company, your grandfather recruited him here. He and his men are trustworthy person swearing that they will protect you even if it costs their lives."

Mr. Woods eyebrows raised up. He is quitely impressed on what Ms. Celine said about those two. Then he immediately turned and went to the entrance of the company, and said that. " Well I'm quite impressed to you two but im not still convinced yet. You must proved yourselves that you are deserved and worthy to be here. By the way I changed my mind, I won't fire you then." He walk forward and entered to the buildin, going to his new office.

"We're so sorry Mr. Woods it won't be happened again, we swear that we will obey and served you no matter what it is."

After the incedent in parking area, all of the one who witnesses the scene were shut. Ms. Celine shut their mouths not to spread this incedent unto the public, she even paid them in order to prevent what is the true identity of the new chairman of this company...

And then, Jate finally arrived at top floor, his office were large. It has occupied the entire floor on the top, he was impressed with the arrangements and decorative designed inside of his office, it's sorounds with glass walls and covered with a colorful curtains on it. On the window, the views there where amazing, he can see the top of entire land of the city because of it's tallest of the building in the city.

Outside of his office there where two separate tables for Secretary, and assistant secretary. Where Secretary Celine's table located, and on left side where her assistant secretary table located.

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