Roman Twin Alphas' abused mate chapitre Chapitre 2

Liberty POV

Everything aches, my whole body feels like it’s being crushed, like he is laying back on top of me, forcing the air out of my lungs. This isn’t what I expected freedom to feel like. I can feel my legs throbbing, and pain shoots through my ribs as I breathe. I’m breathing, I’m not dead. They found me and brought me back to Kendrick. He will surely try again, he will never stop as long as I’m alive. Nobody refuses Alpha Nick Kendrick.

We aren’t free, we mustn’t let him see, Liberty. He mustn’t see we want to be free or he will never end it. Justice reasons as she whines inside my head. I’m not used to hearing her voice. I’ve felt her presence since I was a child but the first time she spoke to me was the night I turned 18. The night she came forward for the first time and I shifted into my wolf form. Justice is strong. So much stronger than me, she is the one who fled Kendrick’s territory, who helped take my mind away from the pain when his warrior’s hunted me down and tore at my flesh.

Zander POV

Her breathing changes and her eyes move beneath her eyelids. She is awake. I think about calling Dr Wood in but decide against it. I need a few minutes alone with her, I need to see that she is OK. Most of all I need to find out who did this to her. Christian almost lost his shit with half the staff earlier and they have been keeping their distance ever since.

“Good morning little one.” I look down at her as I stand beside her bed, she stops breathing and the scent of her fear fills the room. Why won’t she open her eyes? She has such beautiful deep, emerald green eyes.

“You are safe here, there is no need to fear me.” I wait for a moment. I desperately want to scoop her into my arms and shelter her from the world, let her know she is safe with us. Even now I’m still jealous that Christian has held her. It’s stupid I know. My fingers brush her long auburn hair away from her face. Her skin is so soft, she finally has some colour in her cheeks.

“Christian, she is waking up.” I tell my brother over the link. He would never forgive me if he missed the chance to talk to her.

“Please, don’t tell Alpha Kendrick I’m awake yet.” A tear rolls down her cheek, from her still closed eyes. Her voice is so soft I barely heard her. Kendrick, she is from Kendrick’s pack. He will pay for letting someone harm our little mate, if he doesn’t find the wolves responsible and kill them, we will. Caleb paces in my head, growling with rage. She thinks she is still in Shadow Ridge.

“You aren’t in Shadow Ridge little one. We found you when we were on patrol.” She finally starts breathing again and her eyes flicker open. “I’m Alpha Zander Black.”

Her eyes widen and she takes me in and the look of pure terror sucks the life right out of me. That look is one I relish on the face of my enemies, not her, not out little mate.

“You should have left me.” Fresh tears roll down to her hair and she winces as she rolls away to face the window and pulls her legs up to her chest.


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